Thursday, August 7, 2008

Who would have thought!

You have to laugh at yourself sometimes. There is just no other way to do things and really to stay sane while you are trying to keep all the balls in the air.

This week has been so crazy, and I know I say that every week, but FOR REAL this time (ha! my coach said his son says this "For Real" statement just like I do. He's four, not sure what that says for me!).

Every night I have had something in the evening that really could not be ignored or moved. There hasn't been a night so far where I have arrived at the door of my home before 9pm. I guess some weeks are like that.

Last night it was for a very good reason though. I was giving a sports nutrition talk at a Cross Country camp in California, PA to a group of about 50 kids between 9th-12th grade. I don't mean to brag, and I hope it isn't taken this way, but I have become quite comfortable in front of a group doing speaking engagements. I used to break out in hives, and sweat alot prior to giving a talk. My voice always sounded nervous and timid.

I'm not sure if it is the sheer number of these things I do now, or just the fact that I realize that I am older and there is no way these kids could possibly know what I know about nutrition (so at least I am speaking about something familiar), but either way, it's actually getting to the point where I enjoy teaching them and don't mind the public speaking part.

Did you know that public speaking is number one on the all time THINGS THEY FEAR list for people! Ever above fear of dying! Wow! I guess most of us really hate it.

The kids were great last night. They were attentive even after JUST eating dinner, and some of them running close to 14 miles that day. Their enthusiasm was refreshing and made me thankful to be able to share something with them that may help their athletic career along the way.

I showed my two competition & training videos (go to my website to view-, and the loved them! They clapped afterward and everything! It was very sweet.

They pay me a little something, but its usually just enough to cover the gas to get there, which is fine. It's nice to give back to the sport. So, after driving from 5:15-6:40, giving the talk from 7:00-8:10, and then driving home from 8:30-9:45, I finally had dinner and hit the hay! I was a tired girl!

I gave one at Clarion University a few weeks ago. That was how I was recommended for this particular talk. Here's a picture.
There's some whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread & nuts on the table - my favorites!

I always give away Powerbars/Powergels as prizes for correctly answered questions etc. The kids try the gels and most of the time go, "YUCK! You like these things?!" I say, "well, yes and no, they are one of the better tasting options, and they give me calories & carbohydrates with electrolytes which is what I need to keep going." Certain things are necessary, and fuel is one of them!

My week has lead me to develop a method called - Strategic Shaving!! It's characterized by shaving the most offensive and most visible places only. Since I do most of my showering at the gym, and there isn't anywhere to put your leg to shave it, I find this necessary & more convenient. In addition, I usually have about 1 extra minute in the shower each few days where I can decide which area is the most pressing, and shave it quickly before becoming even LATER for work. Yesterday, it was just my lower legs (knees down). Today, maybe I can hit the upper, but no promises.

This is Ironman training - strategic shaving... who would have thought it would come to this!

Some things have to stay - eating, sleeping, work, and training. Others have to go, and nicely shaven legs, armpits and other areas just have to be one of them for now.

I look forward to getting back to it someday. Just don't get to close to me for the next few months, or brush me at masters, or stare to closely when I'm in my suit. Swimmers, do it right - grow all that hair for months before a meet. What's so wrong with triathletes doing it! Humm.. maybe I'll start a movement.

Maybe all of your husbands would also kill me. Sorry boys!

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