Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me (um.. belated)

I had a great Birthday yesterday (Sunday)!

The day went like this:

8:00am - Long run, which went well. 2 hours and 30 mins wearing a black long sleeved turtleneck. It was 75 degrees. Yep, bring it on.

10:45am - showered and eating blueberry pancakes. Does it get any better!! Oh yes it does - Kyle made them for me. Oh yes, AND did the dishes. Talk about making me a happy women!

12:30pm - napping. One of my favorite pastimes. I don't do it that often but when it comes around, baby it is good!!

1:00pm - opening gifts! I got a camera which I will use to post ample pictures to my blog! Prepare youself because you're getting pictures!!!

1:30pm - time to get up, head down to the bike shop with K to drop my cervelo off for it's final pre-race tune up.

3:00pm - dropped off the bike at Big Bang Bikes and oh yes, it's ice cream time!!! Can you say - brownie Sunday. Yum, double yum.

6:00pm - We have dinner reservations at Siba, Mediterranean cuisine. To me, that means pasta - which these days, is an ever day staple! I love pasta.

8:30pm - We had a huge wind storm and all the power went out. It was creepy and the wind was blowing about 60 miles an hour. It was as close as I have been to being in a real tornado! It was crazy! It was also kind of cool to light candles and not have anything to do!

I got to bed early, and was able to get up in time to do 6000 yards this morning..! Nothing like 3 some odd miles of swimming to wake you up! It went well, but why so long? Do I ever double my marathon amount and just run 40 miles? Do I ever need to double the 112 and do 224? Nope!, but not true with swimming. Who knows! Not me, I just do what's on the schedule! I know I need the practice!

So, I am officially aging up. Watch out 30-34 because I'm coming in! Make room (just kidding, I know those girls are tough! They'll probably kick my hiney!)

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