Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In Focus

Do you ever think about your life right at this moment and want to burn it into your memory for the future? Do you ever think, when I'm 80, I'm going want to sit back and talk about how that felt, or what this or that was like?

I might be the only one. I don't know. It's something I think about quite often and actually try to savor the feeling and the moment even though it is quickly passing by. The weeks turn into months, and when it seems like summer will never come, it comes and goes before I can barely blink.
The leaves are starting to turn along with the weather. Each day it gets a bit colder, and I know soon it will be time for warm apple cider, Halloween party's and autumn leaf festivals.

Why all this reminiscing? I suppose it's related to turning another year older. It probably also relates to what K said the other night about how crazy this year has been. I don't know if I would have told myself this at the beginning of the year, if I would have really believed it. All the changes, all the schedules, training, and busyness. I will always remember the spring/summer/fall of 2008. It's been a year like no other, and the year isn't even over yet! At times, I've wanted to throw in the towel, toss up my hands and say -I'm out, too much. Yet, I never do. Even though it's crazy, somehow you will look back on it with fondness when your bones are brittle, and your not able to do half the things you used to or would like to anymore. Part of me will want all the crazy back, just to do it over again because I would know at that point it would all come together and work out.

It's good to put things in focus and to think of how you might feel about them later in life. I don't want to miss a second of this training and hoping, and wishing, and praying for a good October race. I might never be doing it again! I'm lapping it all up, taking it all in, and even trying to enjoy the insanity. It makes my life interesting and complex. I like it hard. If it wasn't tough, I probably wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much!

So, speaking of in focus. My new camera is awesome! I'm now in the experimental stage and for your viewing pleasure, I have taken a couple of pictures today! Nothing awesome, but just to let you in a little bit at a time into a day in the life...

Birthday Flowers there on my desk! Aren't they pretty! They are from my friend Ann! Thank you for thinking of me! I wish they would last forever!!

My lunch today (blueberries, hummus, butternut squash lean cuisine, yogurt, thin crisps (for dipping in hummus, and banana - Oh and string cheese). It's a smorgestboard of randomness! What can I say! I didn't eat all of this though - I know you were about to freak out. I just put it out there "in case" I felt like it!

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