Thursday, September 18, 2008

Night Vision & Zen Swimming

Somebody turn on the light earlier ok.. it's freakin dark out there at 6:00am these days. Last year my Dad got me one of those reflective vests that look like a construction worker and a little light to carry and I though, hum.. nice gift, when will I use it though? Well, I'm using it baby. It was PITCH black out this morning and I had trouble seeing enough to get out of my own driveway because of all the trees. Luckily, the moon has been all full of itself lately and it's like natures big nightlight! Plus, it's good for my night vision (not that I am planning on using it in Kona, but I will if I have to!).

The speed run was decent.. it hurt a little, but it always does. Yesterday about this time I was starting to freak out a bit because I had "the feeling." What is "the feeling" you ask? Well, Kyle will tell you that it is a very bad thing and requires immediate pre-cautions. First, you start drinking insane amounts of water. I think yesterday was the first time my urine has been clear in months!!! Then, you take vitamin C like it is a drug, since it's water soluble you just pee it right out - no problemo. Pop it, wait an hour, pop another one. I think I got around 2000mg in me in about 3 hours! Then, you minimize all other stress, eat dinner and go to bed ASAP. Last night I was in bed at 9:15 which has to be some kind of record (other than the night the power shut off, maybe I should just have someone pretend to shut the power off on me ever night so I have to go to bed, yeah.. now we're talkin). My immune system is a very touchy thing. The feeling involves general tiredness, sore throat, scratchy throat and possibly aches and pains in the neck & shoulder area. A few of the symptoms started to creep up and I was like "NOOOO - not this time, not now" So, I laid the smack down on it, and I woke up a little later this morning and check how I felt before heading out to workout. All systems go, speed run on tap.

I made it to the pool too, but I was late since I got up a bit later than usual. That being the case, I only got about 2700 of my 4500 yards. You know what, I was feeling great too. The kind of swim where you are just going and the arms are turning and the breathing is rhythmic and you are all over it. It was effortless, 300's, 400's, 500's and I was loving every second. I was zoning out and it was Zen swimming all the way. I only catch it every once in awhile, but when I do it rocks my world. It was a pity I had to call it, but I did. Plus, I thought lets not over do it if I might be getting a touch of something. Better to do a bit less and not get it right??

So, that was the day so far. I've gotten tons of work done today and now it's time to long bike tonight. I'm starting to "gather" for Kona.. I think it will help to pack early. So, I'm giving it an effort. No promises. Oh and I made a good smoothie for breakfast - check it out..

Frozen Strawberries, Myoplex protein shake (choc), banana (already in there), blueberries & peach/apple juice. It was way decent!!

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