Thursday, September 25, 2008

How to Train in a Hotel

Yes, Yes, I’m still alive. This week our company is meeting in Cleveland since everyone is from around the country and we only see each other to go over sales, new products and other projects every three months. The exciting town of Cleveland is on tap every September. Actually, I’ve been quite impressed with the few times I’ve been outside to see actual sunlight for about 15 mins in between the meeting and dinner. Its a nice city with great restaurants. The days go like this..

Meeting start 8:30am

Lunch 12:00-1:00pm or 1:15pm

Meeting end 5:00pm

Dinner 6:40pm – 9:00 or 10:00pm (yes, that’s right.. minimum two-three hours)

We eat VERY well, but unfortunately, I always end up not getting enough sleep because I get up to workout while everyone else sleeps in until the last possible minute before starting the meeting. I’ve done that too, but not now, not in these final weeks. Now is the time to excute. Now, is the time.

My week is a bit different this week workout-wise because I am running a 5k this weekend and Coach was kind enough to say “YES” to this whole idea and allow me to work this race into the schedule. I seriously think I asked him about it 3 months ago! It during our hometown festival and I have a title to defend. Last year it came down to the final 20 meters on the track, good fun. The best part is, it has a little prize $ so I am hoping to win a bit of pocket change to help with a shin-dig I insist on having in Hawaii!!

Don’t worry, you’re all invited. You’re not competing – so what. Fly out just to watch and come to the party. I can’t promise the food will be good, but there will be drink and other triathletes, what else do you need?!

I feel it is necessary to show you how to travel and train so here you go.. just to prove it..

The bell guys thought I was crazy, but I assured them.. I was. Pretty Cervelo on the trainer at the Hyatt. See, I do laundry on the road Mom. Are you proud??

Drinks and lotion, the essentials for getting ready in the morning and staying hydrated.

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