Friday, October 31, 2008

Dun Dun Duuuuhh.. The 2009 Schedule Has Arrived

So, I think I've done it. We'll I haven't done it, I had some crazy ideas and my coach talked enough sense into me to come up with a skeleton of a 2009 tri schedule. It's that why we have coaches - to talk us off the ledge when we are dangling a foot over, to calm us down when we get to excited in November for the next years season, and to guide us to non-stupid decision making and remind us that we are not in fact Super heroes of the triathlon world. I think it's something like that! Either way, I need them or I would no doubt be injured or something worse!

Here's the way I see it, I had an incredible opportunity to go to Hawaii this year, and it was everything I hoped it would be an more. Exactly what I was afraid would happen, has in fact happened folks, you were right here to witness it, I fell in love with Ironman (and I didn't completely stink at it either - which also doesn't help me say no to doing it again!).

So tentatively, here's whats on the docket (and the dates are probably incorrect - but close because I am not looking them up).

  • Columbia Triathlon May 17th (Olymp)
  • Buffalo Springs Lake June 25th (70.3)
  • Pittsburgh Triathlon July 22nd (Olymp)
  • Whirlpool Steelhead August 3rd (70.3) - this is a maybe, not signed up yet
  • September - Not sure - maybe Halfmax Championships
  • October - depends on June :)
  • Ironman Florida OR Clearwater in November (also depends on June - I get HI, no IM Florida, I don't, I have a decision to make - go the distance, or if I get a Clearwater slot, go to Clearwater)
I'm leaning more toward IM Florida, mostly because I am about to pay big bucks if I can actually get in the race online this Sunday. We'll see!

Feel free to comment, or tell me I'm crazy, I don't mind at all!! Have at it!

In other news, I found these cute as a button running shirts at an expo for the Akron Marathon in September and ordered a bunch! Check them out!!

They are from a company called "My Mottoz"

Have a spectacular weekend everyone! I'll be making the last of the move and starting from my home office on Monday!

Good Luck this weekend Jerry at IM Florida! I'll be thinking of you all day and will definitely be cheering like a mad women at the computer screen! Go Jerry Go!!

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