Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Official I Am Never Getting Better

The Infamous T-shirt. Yes, I made them, yes, I know they are cheesy.

They wore them all day in the hot sun because they are my family, and I love them!!!

If you need any help designing for that special event or big day, I can be your consultant for a nominal fee! Like cookies!

Call in the doctors. I'm serious as a heart attack - Where you are in blogland? How do I cure laryngitis? No talking you say.. not possible. Possible over the weekend, but not possible in real life. I have to talk to people, or become a mime, which I am starting to seriously consider. Do they go to school for that? If so, do the teachers only teach them in mime. Humm...

In other news, the move is totally happening. I'm about to move to Clarion, PA. It is approximately 1.5 hours from where we currently live and it will be nice to be near our family, and um.. remember what it is like to be married and live with your spouse (I think - the verdict is still out since I haven't been doing his laundry or feeding him lately). A washer and dryer tried to kill me this weekend and I will not forgive either of them any time soon. Someone of 115lbs should not be lifting things that weight more than twice what she does (no matter what the man on the other side says!). There are many boxes, oh.. then there are more boxes..and my life is in total disarray. That's moving...

I have to report there is a tad bit of anxiety based around the fact that I am leaving some very good friends from my gym, very good friends in general, and very good training partners (TP's as I like to call them - not that they are similar in status to toliet paper though) that I have become so accustomed to running/riding with that we instinctively know each other's next move. There is something to be said for knowing the people you train with like that. It just makes things so much easier. You look forward to going out and riding on Saturdays because you now have the next six hours to see the sights, feel the wind on your face, and sail up and down hills while catching up with your TP's life week in and week out. You know their kids, their co-workers names, and all the things that make it interesting to keep the conversation from ever getting old. It's comfortable, like coming home, or putting on an old sweatshirt from college that is already broken in and I love it. I will miss you guys. Really I will. Please don't forget me!
Hence, my latest question. How long is too long to travel to train with the people I know and love!? Would it be crazy to drive an hour and a half just to come and ride for six here in Pittsburgh? Am I completely loosing my mind? Maybe I will feel differently about it next year, but right now, I am having serious separation anxiety for multiple reasons. It is possible that I could find some people back home as crazy as I am, but not likely. I'm pretty sure they think Ironman is that new movie or just some guy made out of steel or something. It certainly wouldn't be ideal to drive this far, but I might we willing to do it if the timing worked out right. I guess we will cross that bridge when we come to it, say, April - when I want to burn my trainer to the ground!!

It is funny you know, people walk into your life and then walk out again. They give you the gift of knowing them, and if the relationship is good, maybe it will even last when you don't see each other for a month, or even a year. You step back in, and it like you never left. They invite you back in without hesitation, and it feels like you never missed a beat. I've been lucky enough to have a few of those over the years, and I hope I'll have quite a few more.

They walk in, they walk out again...and we are never quite the same.

Speaking of friends - A big shout out to Beth for this weekends big finale race in Tempe, AZ at Best of the US. She kicked serious butt, and she always has the most amazing humble attitude about it that just makes me love her even more! Great job this season, what a fantastic ending to be in the top ten of all those unbelievable athletes. You are truly an inspiration to me and to so many of us out there! Way to go!

Enough philosophical stuff... I have more pictures from Hawaii (just tell me when you get tired of these)!

My Coaches, Mark Allen & Luis - I couldn't have done it without you kids!

Aloha from Kona Brewing, Mary, Kyle and I

The Camera Crew, Oh yes, I'm famous, but only to a select few

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