Saturday, October 25, 2008

More Hawaii Pics and No Talking...

The Kayak DivasToday will be very, very quiet around my house. Why you ask? Well, because I have largingitits and I can't talk. Every time I try I sound like a cross between a sweeky mouse and a kid hitting puberty. It's not pretty, trust me. Don't feel too bad for me though, it's probably my own fault.
Who was that on the dance floor this week during our work function at Seven Springs for about three hours of doing the robot, the sprinkler and some John Travola move I saw once in a movie - oh that was me. Who was that drinking Chardonnay, well multiple chardonnays while laughing and pulling people on the floor to do the "Y" "M" "C" "A"! Oh wait, me again. Who tossed and turned all night with a bad pillow in a hotel while only getting about five hours of sleep and then going to a seminar the next day for 8 hours, once again...Yours truly.

So, like I said, don't feel too bad. When you go from no drinking, and no staying up late, and training and being on a very strict schedule to crazy, I'm not working out anymore because I'm in the off-season dancing fool all in about a week - you are probably going to get sick. It has been weird not working out, I'm not going to lie. It becomes such a big part of your life and every day you wake up thinking about what you are going to do today, what's on the schedule. Of course, in these last two weeks, I've run one time, outside in the cold, and I thought I was recovered, but I found out quickly, I am not. My quads still hurt, and it was cold and I am sure that might also have something to do with why I am sick. I'm not having trouble today no working out there, it's cold, it's raining and it's just plain nasty out!

People had a little party for me last night and they were asking me all these questions about the Ironman and I couldn't really say much, but I still had a great time. It was great to see friends and be "normal."

Here are some Hawaii picks that hopefully you will enjoy! If you need me, I'll be here, not speaking - so don't call!

Yeah, Kayaking is fun! Snokeling is even better (sshhh.. it was a sneek mission pre-race, I was busy at home doing mental prep for the race!)

My Mom & Mary at Kona Brewing - The BEST Beer I have ever tasted along with the BEST pizza I have ever had! It's called Hefferwiessn (and I am NOT spelling that correctly!)

My Mom, Mary & I again post race! It was hot out there, but I was liking it much better this day than race day!

Hey Mark Allen, pumping us up before the race!

Mark Allen Online Rocks!

Good Luck to Beth & all the other people still racing this weekend!! I'll be thinking of you and praying for an amazing last part of the season for you!!! Go get em!!

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