Monday, October 6, 2008

Welcome to Kona!

Too many speedo's at the swim start!! Not a fan!!
Well, the travel was brutal, but we made it. It was, quite certainly, the longest day of my life to get here. We had THREE stops, that's right, I said THREE (Minneapolis, Seattle, and Maui) before finally arriving in Kona. I think the total time doorstep to doorstep was 20 hours. I spent most of yesterday trying to get back to normal eating and sleeping schedules and getting LOADS of groceries. We hit up both Cost Co and Walmart..then today we completed the tri-fecta with Safeway to get the final needed items. I can't say how much we spent because Kyle would kill me, but I am pretty sure we just broke our bank account!!
My legs are sweating just sitting here. It's hotter than blazes, but then again, I think that's the norm. No A/C for me my friends, I'm just going to sweat my baguettes off and get used to the freakish (yet wonderful!!) weather here!

Honestly, things have been going very smooth and I am so thankful. I arrived WITH a bike (that makes me 1-3 for the year, I'm glad the 1 was here). We have a wonderful house to live in with ample space and it is clean and has a great deck and pool. I'm finally sleeping through the night and the workouts have been going so well I might be scared. I feel spectacular, which is scary to say, but dang it, I do. I can only hope for a wonderful rest of the week and that this feeling lasts right into the weekend.

Lindsay Z. and I after taking a swim. She's another Mark Alllen Athlete

OH - by the way. I already bumped into my first pro triathlete and I almost chickened out on asking for a picture, but then Kyle told me to suck it up and realize they are just like me about 5 years prior so stop being weird. So, I did and here we are together. If you don't know who this is...well, you're not a real triathlete! Just kidding! She was very nice and even gave me a tip for my first Kona since it was her first Ironman too. Very cool.

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