Thursday, November 6, 2008

Promises & The Lake House

The border in my office. Is this some scene from a Montana Sunset. The world may never know. Do I see an Elk.. hum.. a cabin..

I made some promises during the season. Some of which I intended to keep, some of which I wasn't really so sure I should have promised in the first place! Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about've done it too! Somewhere in the overtired, stressed out, overworked out, over hungry, sleep deprived, sore, crazy person who looses everything state you make promises just to keep everyone happy and still willing to put up with your hiney.

Some were made to K, which I stand by. Things like " I promise after the season is over I will learn how to cook more things than pasta and heat up vegetables in the microwave" or "I promise,after the season is over I definitely will help more around the house, do your laundry and I'll stay up a bit later so I can be normal and stuff." I haven't been doing great on those, but I'd give me a B+ for effort of course!

The others I don't know why I promised because I think I am beyond help! For instance, my feet! The girls at the office had to see them all summer, in flip flops (because those are my staple summer footware, even in the office!). They would look at my toes and say "PROMISE you will get a pedicure after this whole Ironman're feet need serious help!" They weren't trying to be mean, and in fact, I totally agreed! My feet are runners, nasty, peeling, gross, unmaincured, untouched by pumas stones and files, kind of feet! I saw them today and gave them a close look, it wasn't pretty. I doubt I'll get the pedicure, but I thought about it for about 2 seconds and decided, what's the point! I'll just go running and ruin them again! So, that will be one promise left un-fulfilled.. sorry ladies.

So, I know you're dying to see the new place (ha ha). Here you go.. Welcome to my new home or "the lake house" as we so affectionately refer to it and that makes it sound so much more upscale than it actually is!

The New Office or As I like to call it - The very PINK ROOM

I'll be honest, I did some bitching about the color of this room, then, I got over myself and let it go. It's not my first choice of colors, but it's not my house so I shoved a sock in it.

The Bedroom.. Neutral is good. Yes, I need to buy a bedskirt Mom, I'm going right now!

We have a lamp post in our kitchen.. now just how many of you can say that?! AH Ha.. that's what I thought.

I will say when they built this place they created some amazing storage options. Seriously, we don't even have enough food to fill this kind of thing. It folds out and there is MORE behind it!

The Living Room with big windows to see the lake! Oh- and our TINY TV!

The BEST part, the lake by day.

and by night... My question is, should I seriously consider swimming here in the summer? Can you say open water practice right outside my door!!

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