Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh The Places You Will Go!

The start of the smiling run.. I call it that because I always end up smiling from ear to ear when it's finished.

Some of you may recognize the title of this blog. It's from a Dr. Seuss book that is very near and dear to my heart because a good friend gave it to me prior to Ironman. She wrote about the places I would find myself that day, and how no matter what, I would eventually see that finish line. Her words encouraged me that someone would take such time and care to write a whole little story of my day inside the front cover. Good friends are one of the best things about my life. I thank God for them every single day.

Lately I've been running... a lot. I'm running like I'm breathing for the first time, and all I can smell are the burning leaves, home cooked meals and the crisp fresh air of fall. I'm seeing the sights and learning about my new surroundings. I thought we might take a run together you and I so you could get a glimpse of what I have been so inspired by lately. Here we go!

It starts with the picture above.. the trees hovering around both sides like fans cheering me on, and protecting me from the elements when the time comes for winter wind and snow.

Then it opens up to the long road where you can see at least a half mile. There is a little farm house on the right hand side in the clearing.

These are my newest friends. I like to make noises at them and talk when I go by. Sometimes I ask how it is going today.. other times I just mooo.. I can't imagine what they are thinking as I run by, but they always watch closely to see what I am up to!

When I get to the end of this road I have a choice to make, and because the dirt goes on, I always choose to make a right on Gruenwald. Yep, Gruenwald Rocks.

Once you make the right you go around the corner to see the road wind left. You can see the top of the barn on the left. I guess it isn't red like I might have written in a previous blog, but in my mind it is, so that's all that counts!

Once you get past the barn you run down a steep hill that will visit you again on the way back. Hills are a part of life. I think Nelson Mandela said it best "After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb."
True dat Nelson.

On the way back the view is just as beautiful.

Finally, I hit the paved road again, make a right and head for home. The lake house and a warm shower awaiting me. When I arrive, things always seem a bit clearer than they did before I left. I couldn't live without running. It would be like taking away my air. I'll probably be the only 80 year old on the block trying to run with her walker in the local 5k in an attempt to break 40 minutes!!

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