Friday, November 14, 2008

Things I know..

This picture was taken about 4 years ago late night at a wedding reception after party! Even then I was a push up challenger and it was caught on camera. I think Dave won, but I put up a good fight!

I know...

  • I'm stoked it's the weekend.. YIPPPEEE!!

  • I love butter. Yep, I said it, I'm a dietitian and I love butter on rolls, pancakes, waffles you name it. Call in the counselor "Hi, I'm Kim, and I love butter"

  • By mid-January I should be able to do 100 push ups in a row.. I read Beth's blog and got this hundred push ups idea. What am I thinking..!! I do think I'm getting stronger, and it requires absoluately no equipment which is awesome!!
  • Today was the last nice day we are going to have until April 16th (just an estimate) and I DIDN'T blow off work for the afternoon and ride. Darn it! I'm going to be regretting this one till about April!

  • Coldplay's latest CD is da bomb.. seriously, I love every song.
  • I didn't put on my cycling shoes for 31 days, and when I did, man, I remembered how I promised myself I would do SOMETHING about that smell before the next time I put them on! O well.. promises, promises!
  • Hotels rooms for Buffalo Springs Lake & IM Florida - Freakin BOOKED! I am a champion! (a champion that does not like sleeping on the street before races).

  • Things I love about working from home: yoga pants + super soft long sleeved t-shirt = the best working outfit I have ever had the privilege of wearing to work, no getting ready rocks, throwing in a load of laundry and then changing it to dry at lunch is going to help next season.
  • Things I don't like about working from home: It's just good old me and desk and thank heavens for the radio, not a clear separation of me leaving my work and it's always available if I have to do some more.. not cool, I MISS PEOPLE (wait, I think that was #1).
  • November 12th is entirely too early for Wal-mart to be playing Christmas music. They need to back-er-down like this second. I realize we are in a economic hardship, making me feel like even more of a delinquent than I already do about not buying presents is not helping!!
  • Blog Friends are great - and I just got a people who follow this blog gadget so sign up to follow the blog so I know that I have people! Did I mention that I miss people!! I love people!! You're my people!!

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