Friday, December 26, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas To All!

Christmas present opening at Mom's house. Notice her tree on the left, it's fiber optic and 2.5 feet tall, with gold fabric under it. I guess that's what happens, you say o well to the real tree!

I hope this finds everyone out there in blog land basing in the glow of a wonderful Holiday! I know I sure am. Much like Thanksgiving, I shouldn't have to eat for a few weeks after two glorious meals in which I ate more like a 250 pound man than a 115 pound triathlete!

Really, it was a spectacular day from Christmas eve service where we light candles and sing silent night to Christmas morning celebrating the birth of our savior Jesus Christ and being thankful for so many things in my life that I am blessed with every day.

Christmas always make me think of all the close friends and family around me. I can't help it, I love tradition, and we have certain people we see, places we go and gatherings to attend. Sometimes it gets a little crazy, but mostly I love it. I'm just so thankful for each and every one of them in my life. They are amazing people and I don't know what I would do without them.. in good times and bad.

On the actual day we opened presents at the apartment and then headed over to Kyle's Dad's house where I ate red skin potatoes out of a martini glass and spooned sour cream, chives, cheese and bacon bits on top (really low calorie Christmas here folks!). They were to die for. I didn't like having to reach up so high with my fork though to get them out of the glass. I guess it was part of the "presentation." My usual presentation consists of actually getting food on the plate and serving it!!

After I was thoroughly stuffed, we headed back to the apartment to pick up the next set of gifts and I said I was going to take a 20 minute nap. I was out. An hour and a half later I finally woke up and we arrived at my Mothers house just in time to help her get another meal ready and open presents!

Santa brought me some Ironman items - pictures coming later. (how thoughtful of him!)

He also brought me a new hat and glove set & Kyle a boot dyer

I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday and is still basking in the afterglow like I am! Tonight it's dinner with a friend and off to Ellicotville, New York to go see Kyle's Mom and maybe some skiing. Soon it will be time for getting back to 14 workouts a week...I'm taking advantage of the break while I can!! Merry Christmas everyone!!

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