Sunday, December 28, 2008

NBC Ironman Hawaii Coverage - What Are The Chances!?

The day before they aired the Ironman Hawaii coverage a few weeks ago, my Mother called to find out some information from me prior to sending out an email to the entire family telling them the race would be on NBC, the times etc. What information would be important enough that she would try me three times that day and leave messages - "What were the chances the family would be able to see you Honey!?" I gave her my best guess estimate - 98% chance they would NOT see me at any point during the coverage, and 2% that they would (later on my high school coach figured it out more accurately, 0.05 chance they would see me, that's 1 out of 1730 people).

She wasn't happy with that answer, but after I explained they obviously can't show everyone, and it's not just some panning shot of people running by for two hours, she was more satisfied and understood.

I was thankful to have been invited to an Ironman party the day of the event hosted by one of the other women in the Pittsburgh area that had been there as well, Lauren. I pulled up to her huge and beautiful house and entered a big living room with twenty or so other triathletes from the area, a big screen TV & tons of food (a necessity when you have that many triathletes in one place). We had a great time, and I was watching and chatting it up about all kinds of triathlon related gear, training etc. - I was in heaven!

Then it happened, at 1 hr 15 mins into the coverage they started showing the finishers and there I was crossing the line. The whole room broke out into cheers and people were pointing at the screen. It was so funny and even kind of cool. Needless to say, my Mother was calling almost instaneously! After sharing her excitement, she lectured me about my hat being too low to tell who I was and that I would need to keep that higher next time - Yes, Mom, ok Mom, I'll try to think about that after racing 140 miles!

It was nice to have the people close to me be so excited because I know I wouldn't have ever been able to cross that finish line without them. My father saw it in California too!

I'm grateful to have the moment of my finish captured and available forever for my fmaily and even kids to see someday. Why they chose who they chose I have no idea. Either way, it was kinda neat and if you want to see it, I've posted it below.

I'm certainly not a celebrity, but if you want my autograph...well, that will be two dollars.

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