Friday, January 16, 2009

Forest of Elves & Minus Four Teeth

Last Thursday Marit and I rounded out our exceptional week of spectacular triathlete fun, festivities and fantastic magic with a ride through Elfin Forest. I had heard many things about the forest, including stories about it's beauty, winding (and particularly rough at times) road, and most of all about it's little people. Ok, so I made the last part up. I waited for Elves, or wizards, or whatever mythical creatures may present themselves but to no avail. We did run into some massive road construction, but nothing else unfortunately.

Even without the creatures, it was still a magical day with some great riding that quickly reminded me that we had done Palomar only two days prior. Marit seemed to be a bit more recovered as we sped done the coastal highway, she dusted me on many of the hills. My legs spent the first thirty minutes screaming at me for even thinking about being back on a bike. I hadn't really done things the right way (no riding over an hour before arriving, then three hours of riding with over half of it being uphill on Tuesday) and my legs were mad, mad, mad.

It didn't matter though, I was riding outside in 50 degree weather with a very good friend and I was happy beyond belief!

Once we road into the forest we came upon some other riders stopped behind some construction vehicles. Marit had warned me about the road being very grated and rough, but it seemed that someone had finally conveyed the message and the guys with hard hats were out in full force. Good for those riders who are going to ride this road many times in a future. Not so good for those of us now who had to ride through a hot mess of muddy sludge while I had trouble clipping in while followed by a string of cars who just wanted me to get the $#^% out of the way.
We convinced some other bikers to within the group to stop and take our picture along the way, which they did graciously (thank you!!). We also stopped at Marit's favorite watering hole along this route, The Church of God (or La Igesia de dios).

Marit does some parking lot circling before we both took a potty break

During both pre-bike sessions, I reopened my wound when my hand kept shooting up forcefully as I aired my tire and released the pump off the value. Marit was kind enough to give me not just any band-aid to make me feel better. I stopped crying as soon as she put it on.. even though it looked mad.

The views coming out of the forest were beautiful

I pulled a Bree and Rachel Ross by taking some pictures while riding (hopefully my Mom is NOT reading this.. she would kill me). I did it as safely as possible. I promise. Marit rides in front as we decend into the Canyon of the Gods.

Finally, we road back up the coastal highway to home. I missed a gel toward the end of the ride and started complaining I might fall off my bike (as did Marit so we both talked about food for the last five miles before going hone to devour an Amy's Pizza!).

Finally, we made it home and the all-fun part of my trip was over. It was time to go to work (yes, I really did do a little toward the end of the week at the California School Show).

Yesterday, I had my four impacted wisdom teeth removed. I've eaten nothing but yogurt, ramen noodles, hummus, and mashed potatoes but I am one step closer to my coach FINALLY letting me start a training, for real. He said no scheduled training until this was done and if me looking like a chipmunk, face stuffed with gauze and spitting blood is what it takes, then so be it.

Watch out other triathletes, I'm now four-tenths of an ounce lighter and ready to rumble! Ha! I can't wait to eat real food again so I hope by Monday I am going to be back on track and maybe even back on my bike (I hear running would be not so fun, probably no swimming either with flip turns).

Twenty nine years old, void four wisdom teeth, and I'm excited to see what else 2009 has in store! Have a great weekend everyone!

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