Monday, January 5, 2009

I've Died and Ended Up in Triathlete Heaven

The Beautiful Beaches of San Diego
If you were wondering where it is, I've found it.. the promised land. The place where outdoor pools remain open all year and a crew of bikers comes by ever 10-15 minutes eagerly chatting about the spectacular ride ahead. Where the sun abounds and the ocean lulls you to sleep each night with the sound of it's peaceful waves..

It was right here all along.. in San Diego.
So, maybe I embellish a little, but honestly, not that much. I'm sure my spectacular time here is also a direct result of the warm welcome and amazing fun that my hosts Marit and Nate have provided since I arrived yesterday. How lucky am I to encounter people with such warm hearts and who go out of their way to make you feel at home.

After being promptly picked up at the airport by Marit by the time we got the bike case in the car and hi-tailed it home my father had arrived from the Northern part of the state to spend a few hours with me before heading home. We had a great time walking around this cute eclectic place with ample shopping, restaurants and low and behold.. JAMBA JUICE. Now I see what all the fuss is about.. Where else would you pay 4.00 for a glass of antioxidant supercharger and not think a thing of it because we all of course NEED those super powers as triathletes!

Today started with an awesome pool workout with the masters team in Carlsbad at the high school pool. Marit isn't lying about how hard it is to go outside when it reads 41 degrees and we are wearing a swim cap and tight Lycra!! I sprinted out and hopped in a a rapid rate but was greeted by a lane of very nice people who were not afraid to have a random person swimming alongside! We did about 3300 before calling it a day and for the first time in months, I remembered that I actually know how to swim.. After swimming in the geriatric pool of 86 degrees sporadically, this was a MUCH needed session to say the least.

The day only got better as we came home to eat breakfast, put together the bike and head off to the bike shop to pick up her brand new sexy scott with pink accents and then make sure I didn't forget to tighten some screw that would send me flying off the Palomar tomorrow.

I can't remember the name of the beach we headed down to check out while our bikes were getting tuned but I pulled a Vanna White anyway...

Two crazy girls who had to take their own pictures since no one was around!

After the bikes got to know each other well (it was instant friendship), we headed to lunch at Noodles.. once again, I'm in love. Everything was healthy and tasted so delicious I didn't want it to end. If you haven't been, find one.. they are exceptional, and not to pricey either!!

They started out as aquintences and ended up friends... See.. even bikes of different worlds can come together!
Finally, it was home to nap and then do some functional strength which I am pretty sure I might be cursing Jen about tomorrow morning when I can't even get on the bike. Ok.. Ok.. it really was a great workout, but for someone who has been on the long off season plan.. this could hurt tomorrow!

Tabitha gets some loving and likes it!
We played with the kitties and I think both House Monster and Annabelle are warming up to me slowly but surely.
Mostly I just love the place, adore the people and think I should be paid indefinitely to train and hang out. If anyone knows how I can do so, please, speak up... Oh.. and by the way, I'm not coming home so if you need know where to find me.. San Diego.. AKA Triathlete Heaven!

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