Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome to the Jungle

Definition of the Jungle - mysterious, adventurous, and you'd better have your game face on because it will eat you alive if you're not prepared.

It's time to get back to tri training (aka "the jungle") in full force and I couldn't be more ready. The pool situation is all but worked out (oh - by the way, "the age groupers" are all under 4 ft tall, and between 7-12 years old! I am proud to say I am finally too fast to swim with them, so I had my own lane!). It was a weekend of fun and games, and getting back into training which always makes me feel good.

Kyle was working out of town at the Eastern Outdoors Show in Harrisburg, PA from Friday until Sunday night. This year he will be co-hosting a show called Wired Outdoors that will air thirteen episodes in conjunction with the PA Sportsman's Portal website. If you're into hunting, or fishing, or are just plain curious, he is one of their main writers so go check it out!

With him gone all weekend, what better thing to do than to head out of town and keep busy seeing friends, eating great food and swim, bike, run! I headed to Pittsburgh on Friday night to stay at our almost sold house that contains little more than a bed, a table and a few curtains (and absolutely NO FOOD-which is so not cool for someone who is virtually always hungry and in need of drinks and food on hand 24/7). After a restless nights sleep, I headed to a new fellow Mark Allen Teammate, Chad and his wife Jen's house for an 8am trainer ride. Yes, we wanted to go outside (it was supposed to get into the 40's on Saturday but later, say afternoon), but we also wanted to ride early and it was still a little under thirty degrees when I arrived. We bit the bullet, set up and hopped on while watching spinervals. Heidi, another cool fellow trichick in Pittsburgh, was also there with her very cutely accented pink bike! I decided I needed a signature color after I saw that - I just don't trick my bike out enough so TBC on that one!

It is amazing how fast the time goes when you are chatting away with other people. All the usual topics were covered "Where are you racing this year, how's training, what do you eat on the bike, favorite races, funny stories about family pre-race." It was so refreshing to chat with people who don't get totally bored and roll their eyes at my choice of tri topics! Before I knew it, two hours was up and I was covered in sweat but a very happy girl!!!

Here's where it gets crazy. I drove the 45 minutes back to the gym in Cranberry, swam from 12:00-1:00pm, got ready and headed to Panera (can you say - I LOVE YOU PICK TWO) and then went next door for a massage (which was much needed!). My girl was good, but it wasn't Keith (who is my 6'5" 250 lb masochist masseuse of choice, but who was booked all day).

September 2008 - Keith and I post massage, (which is why I look so out of it!)

I proceeded to head home, nap and then get ready and have Sushi at my favorite restaurant Taipei. Megan, a great friend from my YMCA masters swim team at Pitt, accompanied me and we had a wonderful time eating spicy tuna that allowed me to breath fire later in the evening. Luckily, there was wine to cool it down!

Then it was another 40 minute drive to Bridgeville, which is South of the city, to visit my workmate Tamie for girls night. I slept on a couch and realized I am not in college anymore, these things hurt the closer you get to the big 3-0.

On Sunday I went to the park and ran 10 miles. It was my best run to date due to the nice weather, good tunes and my heart rate was great allowing me to run a pace that I was pretty pleased with for this time of the year. I bumped into some more friends from the YMCA and ran with them for half a mile or so. It's so fun running into people that are also active and doing thing I like to do as well. It's nice to share those things, and I wished all the bloggers lived closer so we could do train more often!

I packed up more of the house before I left and we have yet to know if we are really going to close on the 16th of February which could make for an insane this week getting everything out. The rest of Sunday was busy and productive and I was thankful for some great time with friends and some great training.

I am 19 weeks and 6 days from my first A race, Buffalo Spring Lake 70.3. I started my peak performance training plan with Mark Allen today so as Monday now goes, a 30 min run, lifting this AM and then 3000 yards tonight. Did I mention that I love the jungle?

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