Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fully Loaded

I am a bar-a-holic. Powerbars, protein bars, and every other type of bar you can imagine, I love them. There, I said it. It's out, and I think that is the first step to recovery isn't it?

Kidding! I do love bars though. So freakin convenient! At the beginning of every week some people pack their lunch, I pack my TYR bag and car with ample bars in different baggies so I can eat in the shower. WHAT! Did that just come out on my blog. Ok, I guess for those of you who didn't already think I was a crazy women, I'm sure you do now.

Here's the thing. Let's say I swim from 6:30pm-7:45pm or so. My last meal was between noon and one and maybe a snack around 4pm. So, I am in desperate need of a real meal by the time that swim is over! On my way to the shower I grab a bar, take a few bites and then leave it outside the shower in it's wrapper on the bench until I'm ready for the next few bites. Shampoo, grab the bar, take a few more bites, rinse...you get my drift. Anyway, so I don't technically eat it right in the shower, but I do chew in the shower because I am SO dang hungry and I can't wait. A protein powerbar hits the spot and gets me through until dinner.

How do I keep all these Powerbars organized, well, let me show you. I have a system! I bought the most perfect organizer at Wal-mart a few years ago and I love it!
The first two drawers are all about gels. My favorites are chocolate and Carmel so I stock up on those pre-season so I am ready to eat pounds of it during the year. Yummy..ha!
Myoplex is kept in drawer three! With 60 grams of protein it helps a girl who doesn't eat much meat recover after a long morning of workouts!

Powerbar Smoothie bars are fairly new and they completely grew on me! They have four different flavors and they really are delicious! I like to have them about an hour pre-workout or immediately after if it wasn't a long workout or a lift so I don't need serious protein ASAP.

Powerbar Protein Plus are wonderful products to have within 30-40 minutes after a series of hard endurance workouts or after a lift. I might do Myoplex in the morning and then something like this after swimming at night so I can make it to dinner without killing anyone.

Finally, Powerbar Recovery bars are a nice product for after a workout as well. They have less protein than the Protein Bars, but still a nice mix of protein and carbohydrates to get you fueled up for the next day and replenish your glycogen stores (carbohydrate stores). They taste like candy bars, so I always feel like I'm cheating when I have one!!

I'm thankful to be on the Powerbar Elite Team and have access to these products, but luckily, they are available to help any athlete who, like me, is always on the go and needs to eat immediately after workouts so he/she can function in society (just ask my mother, any time I get a bit snippy she'll say "Kim, when was the last time you've eaten, you need to eat!")

From one bar-a-holic to all my comrades out there, I hope my explanation of how I use the bars has helped! Thank you for sponsoring me Powerbar - YOU ROCK! I love bars and I can't help it!

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