Friday, February 13, 2009

Closing, Closing, Closing...WOOO HHOOO!!

This is it. The final countdown has arrived. We sell that house on Monday. That's right.. I said MONDAY. At 9am we will be signing the paperwork and that will be it, people will have a new house, and we will not be paying for TWO places for the time being. The house was nice to us (well, sometimes, for those of you who remember the septic tank issue, oh, and the heater issue), and now it will be out of our hair!!

In other news, it's Valentines day, so all you sweethearts enjoy! We are going away (not sure that is pretty cool) for the weekend and I am looking forward to some R & R. This morning I got on my trainer for a two hour jaunt and my legs were TIRED from a full week of training plus quite a bit of time since my last day off. I had a terriable time even pushing hard enough to get my heart rate up in the zones where it needed to be for most of the ride. Finally, in the final 45 minutes I started to get up where I normally am. It must have been the good tunes.

I was thinking again today about why I do triathlons and why I like them so much. I had lunch with a family member and friend and it always gets me thinking about things when I'm with people who have such a strong sense of self. My Aunt is like that and it really emanates from her. It's like a beacon of light streaming out from her core, and I love being around people like that, people who know who they are, what they enjoy, why they do what they do. It's so refreshing. I like people who break from the norm, and aren't afraid to buck the system if they feel like it is the right thing for them.

I heard a series of quotes last night from a hunting show (I know, go figure) that really made sense to me. He said "Although I love the destination, it's really about the journey, I love using the skills that God has given me and when the elements come together, if I'm adequately prepared both physically and mentally, I actually have the opportunity to achieve greatness, just for a few moments. When I learn about these things, and understand how they work, I can share them with others as they begin their journey, and both of us are the better because of it."

Obviously, that was a bit of paraphrasing, but it got to the jist of things. It was quite profound for the typical hunting show (yes, I watch A LOT of these things). I have to say I agreed with the man.

I also love triathlon because of the people that are brought together because of it, people that I would have never met otherwise. For example, all the bloggers (what a cool group), my friends in the Pittsburgh area, my Mark Allen team and even a good friend of mine from Michigan who I met in St. Croix last year.

We instantly hit it off. I have to say Jim is one of the nicest, and spunkiest people that I've met thus far and will probably ever meet again. His attitude is one of gratefulness to just be out there and he takes everything in such stride that it reminds me not to take myself or even the sport too serious. He always signs his emails, "your loving geriatric friend" which cracks me up every time.

He's actually very competitive in his age group (I won't say it on here, but if you want to find it, be my guest), going to championship races such as Hawaii and Clearwater last year.

Jim is just a wonderful human being and we've stayed in touch every since May of last year. I saw him again at Steelhead 70.3 this past year and I hope to bump into him again this year. What a guy! I'm so thankful we met!! Once again, another reason why I just love the sport and the people who are in it alongside me!!

Jim and I at Steelhead August 2008

I hope he doesn't mind me putting the pics up. He calls blogging "allowed stalking." So true my friend, so true. Have a great weekend everyone!

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