Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Come to Camp & No More House

Well, that's it. We moved everything out of that house on Sunday, I can't see our floor in most of the apartment, and we have a big fat check. I guess that means we closed. Whew..that feels good.

It was quite strange to be sitting right across ed the table from the new owners. The last time we closed it was all done remotely, we never saw anyone (which would explain why we didn't know anything, including where the septic tank was located when everything went Arye!). This time, we looked right at the couple, about our age, and signing their life away. After all we had been through with them in terms of negotiation, I wasn't sure I was crazy about them, but then again, they really did have the market in their favor so who can blame them either! The point is, it's done, and we only have ONE payment each month from now on! Yippee!

Well, just like Jr. High (except this time I doubt there will be late night toilet papering parties and singing at the campfire), I'm going to camp. That's right, camp. I know you know what I'm talking about as quite a few of us go to camp this time of year. This will be my first Mark Allen camp and I'm pretty excited about it. I have only heard good things about them and although I really did want to attend the Boulder camp, my pocket book only allowed me to do Washington, DC this year because it is within driving distance, and I have a very nice cousin who is letting me bunk for the weekend. Thanks Laurie! The dates are May 1-3 and the website to read more about it is So, if you are interested in learning more and just training with some great athletes, check it out and sign up. It's not cheap, but I bet it will be worth it!!

In other news, the workouts have been going well and I'm into my third week of training so that feels good. I can start to see I am going to have to find a masseuse, as things are getting tight already!

This week will be very busy trying to put together the Hawaii video and planning my talk next Monday. We haven't even STARTED the video and it is now Wed. so needless to say, I'm going to start to stress if it doesn't happen soon.

Hope everyone is doing great!!

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