Friday, February 20, 2009

A Big Fat DNF

Well, it rarely ever happens, but it happened last night. I DNF'ed my swimming workout. I know it was a combination of factors that brought me to that particular destination (and it usually is). However, as a legend in country music once said, "you've got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em." Well, I folded em, packed up my stuff, and went home.

Thursdays are my big day. Thursdays require swimming, biking and running but not necessarily in that order. Due to re-arrangements in the schedule this week because of house-closing etc. I had to throw a lift in there as well.. wow, I guess that was a big day.

In the morning I had no problem jumping on the trainer and completing my 1hr 15 min ride and then going for a 30 min easy run. I worked all day, and then got leaving a little later than planned for the gym. I found out Clarion University had shut down their pool due to PIAA (that's PA high school) basketball playoffs, so I was not going to be swimming over there in the evening. Fine, to Oil City YMCA it was. After a 30 minute drive, I arrived at the weight room and lifted, probably a bit harder than I should have, and by 7pm I was putting on my suit. Little did I know it was open swim by that point so the kids with noodles and pennies were out in full force. There was no lane set up at all, and I was at the whim of every giant ball thrown over in the far corner of the pool that required kids coming over and retrieving it. Hey - I love kids, and I completely understand that I was the one out of place there, not them. I just really wanted to complete this last workout of the week before my day off (only 2500, not too much to ask) and go home feeling good. Then two other gentlemen, doing something which I cannot say was called swimming, not sure what to call it, something else for sure, arrived to try and do whatever beside me. The one was wearing those cloth short shorts from the 70's that were completely nude colored so it looked like he was naked. A couple of times I would look over and go "WHAT THE..that guy has no clothes on!" Then I would realize once again, it's the shorts, no need to panic.

So, about 1700 into 200 warm up, (300 pull, 3 x 150) x 3, I started to fade. My arms were killing me, I had been hit or bumped one too many times, and the hot water was really starting to make me feel like I was going to throw up. I could feel my form breaking down and I wasn't getting much at all out of the workout except being very discouraged. So, I finished two of the three repeats of the main set, and got out of the water. I didn't even cool down because frankly, it was impossible at 86 degrees. I was trying not to cry as I stood in the shower, and I didn't because I decided it wouldn't do any good, that was for sure.

I don't care who you are, or where you live, every once in awhile, this happens. It's been happening a bit more than it used to in my cast (not the DNF, just getting discouraged) but I'm going to overcome adversity just like everyone did before me, and will after me. Sometimes packing it in is the right thing to do if nothing else can be gained from a particular workout and it's doing more harm than it is good. That was me last night, it was very clear, and I was done.

So, I'm going to chalk it up to just one of those things, and move on. It's Friday, I am happy about that and there will be much more training and good workouts to come, of that, I am sure.

Did anyone notice that Mark Allen himself commented on my blog. Wow.. how does that happen. Im not quite sure how he found me.. how cool though!!! I am famous. Ha.. totally kidding..

Have a great weekend everyone!

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