Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Diggs

It's been an eventful week for the postman here at the apartment. I feel like every other day he's bringing goodies for me and it's been such a nice treat.
Don't get me wrong, some of them I've been waiting and watching in order to purchase, like my new watch from Athleta that I am just wild about! I've wanted a watch like this forever, I just never found one that suited me. This one I found online about three months ago but had to wait for it to go on sale before I could justify it (plus I had a gift certificate -thanks Deb!).
So, the watch and the new backpack (which I plan on hiking with or just running around town - I'm a backpack kind of girl!) are from there. The Newtons are from the Mark Allen Team Sponsorship and I am loving them. I wanted to let everyone know I had not worn them, even once, prior to my race and sore calf. I have NO idea what that was about that day, but it has subsided so I am happy, happy, joy, joy! Either way, I've been wearing them this week and they are fantastical (and yes, I know it is not a word, it is my own there - it's magical / fantastic)! I really do feel good in them and I am trying to break them in slowly and not wear them for every run.

The New Backpack & Newtons

The New Watch! I love it! So excited!

My hairy arm. It looks really dark here.. humm..

I'm thinking of all you Oceansiders and praying for a safe and great race for you. I have to give some shout outs so you know who to cheer for on Saturday (which I am sure most of you already do) so here goes - Rachel Ross (or RR as we know here here in Blogland), Beth S - you can do it! I can't wait to see you swim, bike and outrun the competition!, Marit - you are my hero. I am so excited to see you back racing again and cheer you on, Chad - My Mark Allen Teammate, First race of the season, go get em, Jen - Chad's Wife and awesome triathlete - I'll be cheering, Charisa - The training has been going great, have a wonderful race, Jen Harrison - You Go! This is going to be great - I can feel it!
Ok.. I think I missed people, and if I did, I am thinking of you too! Have a great Friday and watch the stats on Saturday.

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