Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I love three day weekends

Seriously, shouldn't we just have those all the time. I mean who made this rule about having to work a five day week anyway? Yes, Yes, I know the Chinese work six or seven day weeks, but we NEED more time, we have created way more for ourselves to do right!? I'm a triathlete for heaven sake! If for nothing else that my training is like a part time job (just ask my family, they'll tell you!).

Enough ranting about that. I had a great weekend and I was thankful for getting the chance to get things done and have a little R & R time as well.

I got ALL of my training in.

Let me just say that again, I got ALL of my training in!!

Wow, it felt so good. On Friday night I kicked off the weekend with an ladies night with two of my very good friends, Tammy & Sharon.

We had drinks and unfortunately, I ate nachos for dinner. To my defence, they were pot luck nachos so they had marinaded beef and other random goodies on them. I know it sounds gross but they were amazing! I planned on eating again later, but then packed my bike stuff instead.

Morning came early at 6:30 and it was off to ride my bike with a bunch of men! I'll admit it was my first ride of the season and riding with all men can be intimidating but everything actually worked out wonderfully. Only one of the guys was an uber biker and out of my league so he had to wait for ALL of us (not just me!). We rode for 3.5 hours and I was already running late with the stops etc. for the wedding. I was supposed to leave at noon but ended up leaving at about 12:20 with only enough time to drive the three and a half hours to State College for a 4pm wedding! Talk about cutting it close.

The bride was beautiful and had great weather and a perfect day. Even though it was a bit hard for me, I still love weddings.

The next day my long run was on tap after getting my zzzzzzz's! It was fairly hot by 10:30am when I hit the park but I ran into lots of friends to talk with and keep me busy. My pace was right on point and my heart rate was a bit high because of the heat so I had to back things down a bit. After two hours I was a sweaty but happy mess. Mission accomplished.

The rest of the weekend I spent dining with friends, purchasing outdoor carpet (and laying it myself I might add - talk about scary), and grocery shopping. I made pasta salad AND a casserole!

On Monday I swam with our group again and lifted and I have to admit I am wicked sore. Not sure what that is about. It could be because I took a few sessions off there for tapering etc. I need Keith, my masseuse, bad! Where are you Keith?!

Two things I did not do that I missed were attending church (I'm on that like a bad habit next weekend) and going to a Memorial Service of some sort. I think it's only right that I take time to honor those who have died so we can have this life of freedom, and my Mom commented that I should do that as well so I think I'm going to try next year.

My friend Jim completed his Marathon this past weekend! Go JIM!! I'm amazed at your courage to take on the challenge again and again. If I am HALF as fit as you when I get up there a bit, I will be a very happy lady!

Hope everyone had a great weekend as well!

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