Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yes Mom, I'm eating...

I know this whole thing has made my Mother extremely nervous. It's been hard on her just like it's been hard on me, and I feel bad, but I know it's just because she's my Mom and she loves me.

She worries about me eating right, and if I'm sleeping enough, if I'm locking my door at night, and if I'm training too much.

Well, just to calm her fears I took a picture of dinner last night. Granted, the main portions were not made (well, they were made, just not by me!), but all food groups were represented and that, I felt good about.

I had stuffed Salmon (did you know they sell this stuff at Costco - it was $12.00 for THREE stuffed salmon filet's, farm raised, but hey, you can't have it all for $12.00), pasta, and salad. It was quite the meal. I put the capers on myself. I love those sour little things with salmon.

With some red wine for my healthy dose of antioxidants, I was all set.

I have a chandelier, yes, I am upscale now..(ha) and it hangs right above me while I dine so I can light my fake candles at the table! For someone who is a natural fire hazard, fake candles are must. You just turn them on, and drop them in!

In the world of training, I'm getting into a routine and that feels good. I haven't had my first "real" week back because I had some recovery time after the race (which was good seeing as I was having a couch delivered and cable installed). I swam this morning with Masters and I moved up a lane which almost killed me but that has to be good for me right. We were leaving on the 1:25 for 100yrds (with a descend) which was new for me. I made it, barely. They were so encouraging in my lane (all women!) and it felt great to be in that type of environment. I've spent what seems like thousands of dollars at Wal-mart and Costco getting little things that I needed.
Tonight, drinks with the girls after work and then home to get my bike ready for tomorrows long ride. Then it's off to a wedding where a very dear friends is getting married. I'm so excited for you D! Can't wait to see you in your pretty dress and with all your family and friends around you. I've never been to a wedding alone, tomorrow will be my first.
Other than that, I have a few options in Pitt to attend later in the weekend. I hope to see some friends, get a little sun and ride my bike! Can't wait.
Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend and let us remember all those who have touched our lives in the past.

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