Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Track Time

I headed out to the track last night to perform a bit of speed work. I had a very light workout comparatively to last week. Last week I thought I might keel over and die after 1 x 12 mins hard, 1 x 9 mins hard, 6 x 1 min hard and then 6 x 30 seconds hard. Now THAT was a workout. This week was a bit easier because
I am tapering.
Wow, tapering..what's coming up you ask? Columbia Olympic Distance Triathlon down in Maryland this Sunday. I can't believe I will actually be racing. I don't have any expectations because honestly, my life outside of training has been anything but typical and training has been sporadic at best, so my thoughts on this race are "here goes nothin!" I'm sure I'll have more on this later in the week.
It literally feels like forever since I have put these three sports together. I have no idea what to bring, not a clue. At least it won't be for 11-15 hours so that should help cut down on the number of things I need right!

Track workouts - They are hard, and I love them

In other strange life of Kim news (as if it isn't strange enough) the Talent Group has finally remembered I existed and called me about a few jobs lately. This is cash that helps support my triathlon addiction so I was getting very nervous that my phone hasn't rang since well, December or so. One of the companies that I used to get quite a few jobs from was a Fitness Equipment company that has me do different infomericals. Once again, don't ever buy anything off TV my friends. I had to take a few recent shots so I decided to try and be Katyla Meyers who is also a triathlete (professional). She has a great K-swiss Ad I was trying to emulate, but I don't know that it worked out! I tried to look up her website to compare, but it must be under construction. She's so beautiful, and seems like a very nice person as well from what I read so at least I tried.

This is Kim does Katyla Myers

This is Kim Does " I am a super hero looking off into the distance to see if anyone needs my help and I'm wearing my newtons so I can get there fast"

Pre-race toenails - in Ice blue in honor of my bike "Blue" and my team MAO colors...obviously blue!

This pic is for Mothers Day! I hope everyone had a wonderful one and honored those wonderful people in our lives that we could never thank enough. Really, I just saw this and thought it was funny, but I really did have a nice time with my Mother this weekend and got to see her quite a bit so I was thankful. Hopefully, no one spent much time like this as a child (then you might not be thanking your Mother quite as much!).

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