Monday, June 8, 2009

Me, 65 miles and a bike

It started off foggy, and 7:30 rolled around a bit earlier than I would have liked as I did my check and double check of everything I would need:

- three bottles with MAO fluid energizer - check

- 5 Powergels (Carmel - yum & 1 chocolate for variety)- check

- money - check
- arm warmers (it was still 60 degrees at that time!) - check

- New Oakley sunglasses (wayyy too foggy to wear them) - check

- Wind Vest - check

- Training partner crazy and willing to ride with me - Double check

When we started I thought my hands might freeze off, but I talked myself into no gloves before I left, it was going to warm up, I could feel it.

They FINALLY paved the rest of the park which had been grated off for weeks and it was heaven riding on that smooth black road. We were excited and ready for a great day of riding and that was just what we got!

The time flew by as we tried to evade the fog and stay in my heart rate zone. Before I knew it the sun burned it off around 10am and with only a three hour forty minute ride, we were going to make it to sixty miles! I was so happy that my legs felt good and my heart rate was behaving.

When I got off the bike I was unsure of how my legs would feel. I talked myself into just thinking about the first ten minutes and then seeing what happened from there. Sometimes its all about the self talk! Low and behold, they felt great! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, I was working hard to stay in my zone as the heat was now in full effect. It had to be 75 by the time noon rolled around and I was almost done with my run.

One thing I love in the summer is swimming outside in North Park Pool. It's about a football field worth of pool with lap lanes and kiddy swimming. HOWEVER, it is not heated.. This was the first open weekend of the summer and I decided to brave it. Never mind that I realized I had no cash and had to count out three dollars IN CHANGE to get in! I felt like I was 12 again!

I go inside and notice not ONE person (of maybe 30 people laying around the pool) had ventured in! Not one. So, not a good sign. That's ok..I'm going to be tough, I can do this.. no cold pool is going to scare me (I thought!). I go in and put a toe in, it takes my breath away.

I was shocked. It had to be sixty degrees. It was everything I could do to get half my body in the pool. The lifeguards watched in amusement as I sucked in like I had just gotten punched in the stomach. I said I would give it a thousand and then see if I could hack it..

Go ahead..

Say it now..

I'm a pansy..

I got out after 600.
So, that was Saturday's swim workout. O well.. I swam extra hard today to make up for it coach!

I saw some great results this weekend from REV 3 and other races! Way to go!

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