Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why Can't Sleep and I Be Friends??

Why can't we be friends..why can't we be friends...

I think that might be a song. Either way, it's the story of my life. Not just my life now, my life for as long as I can remember.

For those of you who know me or have been reading this blog for awhile, you know that sleep and I have a love / hate relationship. I love sleep and I hate it when I can't get it. Sometimes I can't get it because I'm a bad kid and don't go to bed when I'm supposed to! Other times I just lay there trying and wishing and hoping for the sandman to visit me and whisk me off into nigh time dream land but that jerk just laughs and flies off in the other direction. Not cool dude.

It started in college when I made the cross-country team at PSU and was a bit overwhelmed by the fact that this small time high school runner was in the Division 1 big leagues and traveled all over the country racing against these tough schools. I remember calling my coach in the middle of the night once telling her there was just no way I could run tomorrow because it was 2am and I had been in bed since 10pm trying to sleep and I was going home.. immediately. I would be calling my Mother to pick me up (in like Michigan or something!). No matter what, I bucked up, woke up at 6am with the rest of the team and ran my butt off. I was asleep the second I hit the van on our way home. You tell me how that happens - can't sleep all night and then can sleep through a van full of girls putting whip cream on your face? Seriously??

Anyway, my whole family has sleeping issues (we run, and we don't sleep, that's all you need to know about us I guess)! I'm sure it hasn't helped that my Mom tells me about Aunt so and so who couldn't sleep for two nights, or cousin so and so who's on this sleep medication. It probably messes with my mind!

Either way, I've taken every over the counter, sleepy tea, warm milk, lavender oil bath sleep aid in the world I'm pretty sure!

Lately, it's not only falling asleep, it's staying asleep that plagues me. Last night we had a huge storm in Pittsburgh and the lightening was so bright it lit up my entire room. The thunder that followed cracked and almost scared me out of bed! At 3:40am I remember looking at my phone and thinking.. ok...enough.. time to go back to sleep. Who knows how long I sang "Birthday Sex..Birthday Sex" in my head. Whoever thought this song up is a real genius. I wanted to call them up and thank them for those catchy lyrics that I couldn't seem to shake and that were the last thing I wanted to be thinking about at that time!

Anyway, I still managed to get my swim in this morning, missed my run and tonight I'm taking a chance with the rain and heading out on the bike. Hence, the reason I have chosen to do a half ironman this year instead of a full. Full = no sleep = no decent training and certainly no decent racing. Half is a bit more manageable on this non-sleeping kick I've been on lately!

In other random news, I finally had another modeling job this week and Donna and I traveled to Columbus where I could be Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz for the Jo Ann Fabrics Halloween flyer. It was a flashback to my days of high school musicals. I guess I must look like her because I was their first choice. At 29 years old I was in braids and red sparkling shoes..and getting paid for it. Who knew that could work?

Mom and I traveling back from Columbus stopping at her favorite place - Olive Garden

Doing that shoot reminded me to look at the Fisher Price Website for a job I did back in January or February with about 20 different babies and a booster seat. This was probably the only kid I made remotely happy in the whole bunch so they choose him! He does look excited to eat that food doesn't he! Poor guy, they didn't let him eat it the whole time - I just showed it to him, took it away. I'll tell you that wouldn't fly for me for an instant!

Hey.. we're going on a trip with our booster seat in front of these fake trees!

Have a great evening!

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