Monday, July 20, 2009

Hanging On For Dear Life...

I should have known I was in trouble biking on Saturday when:
- I showed up at 7am to find only one other biker in the parking lot and he was wicked fast
- Two out of the three men I was riding with were wearing aero helmets
- One guy was a former pro
- I had three hours on the schedule but Matt (another super biker/triathlete here in Pitt) talked me into four
- At 2.5 hours I started praying I would get hit by a car because it would hurt less than getting through these last antagonizing minutes
- I felt like I was racing for all 70 miles or so (after all that my bike computer didn't work and Matt didn't have one, I almost cried when I had no clue how far we rode in what seemed like an eternity of kicking my bum!!)
Needless to say, my legs were so mad at me for the rest of the day they almost threw a fit and shut down. I know I probably slowed Matt down and I was definitely not following my training program for fear of getting dropped and it taking me 6+ hours to get home. Matt was such a nice guy, he did wait at every stop light and I just realized he is a crazy uber biker and I should have just turned around and said "ok, Matt, I'm going to head on back" at about two hours.
Either way, it just reminds me once again how important finding good training partners are and how hard they are to find sometimes. I miss my regular guys. Hopefully, they'll come around again soon.
After recovering for a millisecond, I attended a wonderful surprise Birthday party for my friend Sharon! It was so fun and I found out someone earlier in the week who was putting the family's new swing set together said "well at least you'll have it ready for the party!" Whoopss.. there went that surprise! O well, she still had fun and the food was amazing for recovery! Burgers! Yum!
Tammy, Sharon and I at the party
On Sunday I did my long run and then headed out on my friend John's boat for a little in the evening, which was a blast. I just love being on the water. It's one of my favorite things! Even after it got dark the Pittsburgh skyline was very pretty and I love going by all the stadiums lit up at night. If you've never seen it, PNC park is pretty exceptional at night with it's little blue lights everywhere! Check it out sometime!

On the bow of the boat with Pittsburgh in the background

It was a nice weekend, and I really did do some good training. No swimming - bad Kim, bad! O well, I"m off to the pool now to make up for my lack thereof this weekend! 3500 yards here I come!

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