Friday, August 14, 2009

Week In Review

Sunset on my San Diego training trip in January

It's been an interesting and productive week around here. Yeah, yeah..boring, boring right!

I don't have many pictures to back that up, but I'm going to get back on the picture taking train soon - I promise!

Training hasn't been in full, full swing. However, it's been resembeling a schedule and I like it. I swam three times this week (an improvement from 0 last week!) and I biked and ran some too.

If I had to write a book about my ride on Wednesday night after counseling, it would go something like this:

I felt lucky to be alive as pulled out of the parking lot on this hot summer evening. Blue and I were off on another adventure and I had high hopes of a wonderful evening in store.

It was hard to believe we were riding in the last throws of summer, but it was just the way I like it, sticky, yet sweet, with the breeze blowing just enough. We took familiar roads and my legs, though tired, were managing the pace just fine. Surprisingly, they resembled rides last year and I wished for a few minutes there were more than two hours on the schedule. Cresting hills outstretched with farmland the waning sun threw golden rays lighting up the fields of wheat. A baby alpaca stood on tiny wobbly legs that took up 3/4'ths of his body, as he strained to see who were and what we we were doing on two wheels. I smiled wildly while yelling "hey cutie!". A couple of times I couldn't help but well up with emotion about how there was nothing I would rather be doing than pushing on my pedals and pulling on my handlebars up a little hill in on this gorgeous summer evening. It made me thankful for this evening, for the chance to feel the weight of this world and my tumultuous life slide right off my shoulders for just a few hours while I squeezed every last drop of happiness out of this moment. As I pulled in beside my car, sweat dripped off my brow and I tasted my life saltiness. The word "bittersweet" came to my mind. "That was what it's all about" I thought. It's not always about fitness, or winning, or making some mileage or beating some time... sometimes it's about life and this little time we have which leaves us in a better state than we would have been if we hadn't clipped in. That's why I love it. People just don't understand, but Lance will surely tell's not about the bike. No Lance, it certainly isn't.

So, that's my little excerpt. If I ever write it, I'll let you know. Even if I write it just for me, I might do that.

Either way, it was a great night and I went home feeling great. I cried less this week than usual so I'd say that's a plus.

Four of the seven packages have left the building and I'm getting some of my thankfulness out which always makes me feel happy. I love thinking about people's faces when they open things. That's fun.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys some good riding and running. I even starting to like swimming a little. Wait..did I just say that.. somebody slap me! I guess the more you do it, the less you dread it. So, four times next week - that's my goal.

Here is a random picture since I don't have any new ones. This is from last weekend when I was doing some wacky pose for Lissa with my "lanyard" on. I guess that is the thing around my neck. I have no idea how to spell lanyard or if it is even a real word. Who knows..

This is a cross between "I think I look cool" and "I'm a big dork and I'm not afraid to show it!" (and yes that is a port-o-pot in the background which I think adds a whole new level of coolness to this picture)
Have a great weekend everyone!

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