Monday, September 21, 2009

Back in the Saddle & Good Stuff!

I'm back at it...

At what you ask??

Well, all of it. Work, training, eating, sleeping... you know - my life!!

As you may have noticed I blogged basically NONE last week. Ahhh...the life of a working your @&& off girl. Meetings, meetings, want to workout tomorrow.. how about not. about a MEETING again for 6-8 hours! It was good though. Our company got together, shared some good ideas and went over new projects for the upcoming year. We have some great things in store so that is exciting. With the three hour dinners that ensued after its amazing I can still fit anything in my body at this point! I swore off food for about 3 days, but only lasted about 2 hours. Then I got hungry again (surprise, surprise).

By the time Friday came I was so sick of sitting in a room and then eating myself to Boliva I couldn't stand it!

So here, I am after a pretty big weekend of training (minus swimming which is what I need the MOST work on and seem to do the least of!!). Finally, this morning I got back in the pool and got in my much needed 4000 yards and a lift. For about 1 second I felt like I remembered feeling last year when I used to DO all my workout - tired, sore, and happy.

There were some good things about last week like...

The NEWTON Fairy!!

One of the other elves / centairs / mythical creatures must have let her know I was in desperate need of new running shoes! Low and behold she flew down while I was sleeping and bestowed upon me two lovely pairs of Newtons - one yellow, one pink!


Beyonce tried on both, and decided the pink just felt "right" for the rest of the season so we're going with those! Beyonce says..thank you very much NEWTON for helping me run so fast!

In other news, Powerbar also was good to me this week and send some bars, gels and other goodies for me! This should allow me to ramp up over the next month (ONE MORE MONTH) and get my game face on for the Half Iron World Champs. Thanks guys are so good to me and I appreciate it!

I was sad to see my favorite kind wasn't on the list of products (carmel) so I will be eating some new flavors (aka strawberry). I'm saving 5 Carmel's for November 14th though just so I have all my favs to race!

Thanks for all the Birthday cards (you know who you are) and Birthday wishes. I tried on 30 all of last week and it feels pretty good so I guess I'm here to stay. As Jen pointed out, at least my leg age now matches my real age!

Hope everyone had a great week last week and weekend! IM Hawaii is so on count down.. I can't wait to cheer for all of you!!

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