Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Heart of Life...

Even after a crazy work week, somehow my Pittsburgh North Hills girls found a way to help me bring in the 30's with a bang! We headed to a great Cabana bar on Friday night to sit around a fire and tell stories about everything from trips, family, weird encounters and peeing mis-haps.

Three of them had just done Ironman Louisville (two for the first time!), so it was so fun to hear about their experience and just share the moment with them. They both did so well and I couldn't have been more proud of them.

Yes, this is my hiney... One of the girls grabbed my camera and took this while I was chatting. I kept showing off my new jeans with these fun pockets so I guess they thought it would be good to snap a shot! I do love those pockets!!

Joselyn is one of my regular training partners and she will be headed to Hawaii in a few weeks to support her boyfriend Jeremy as he goes to the big dance! I love riding with her..she's just the right pace!

Janine was one of the first timers and she's one of my closest friends right now! She's so wise in the ways of the world and helps me stay grounded when I start freaking out about nothing. Someday I hope to swim 1/2 as fast as she does!! What a fish! Thanks for being an amazing friend J.

Megan and Lisa are two cool Ironman Louisville chicks and I saw Megan riding with her new jersey just the other day. The sound of Lisa's laughter filled the whole bar. They are both such storytellers and made me smile like crazy that night sitting around the fire!

Tammy, Sharon and I chilled out on the love seat area! Tammy teaches my favorite spin class with the best music in the world! Sharon and I just sit in the back spinning away and crackin each other up (as much as you can at 6am).

We had a lot of fun and it was great to celebrate with friends (again!). I swear, the bigger the Birthday the more you get to extend it over a two week period which I TOTALLY did. I'm not complaining! I loved every second of it! I was thankful for those people in my life that make it so much better. For those that couldn't make it - you were missed! We'll celebrate next time I see you!

When you have a Birthday I always think about where I'll be next year at this time. This year has shown me it's just hard to tell. Either way, I'm happy to embark on the adventure and just relish every last second of it! My new favorite song...The heart of life is good...

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