Friday, September 25, 2009

Just Do It...

Nike made this saying famous through it's advertising campaign, but I'm convinced that it's more than just a marketing gimmick (at least to me!).

Ask how many people actually "feel" like jumping out of their nice warm bed in the morning when the buzz of the alarm fills the room at some hour before God actually rises himself and you won't find a bunch of raised hands.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm not one of them.

Some things to know about me: I'm not a morning person, I like getting 8+ hours of sleep, and I once finally get to sleep I'd like to stay there as long as possible.

Needless to say, as most triathletes, my training has to happen early if it's going to get done. At least 3-4 days a week this requires a 5:00-5:30am wake up call.

In those crucial moments right when the alarm goes off there are a few things you have to know...

What you're doing.

Why you're doing it.

These questions are so important because if you hesitate in knowing the answer for just one second, the temptation to hit the alarm to snooze is just too great.

For those of us that still have a little bit of racing left to do, there is no room left for inconsistency, no room left for missed workouts and bad recovery.

It's crunch time people..

Sometimes you have to use tricks, Psyche yourself up a bit you know.. I was talking to my masseuse last night and I kept telling him (I swear I told him 4 times) that October meant four good hard weeks of training and then two weeks of taper would follow. The countdown is on, and you have to mean business because when you're standing on that starting line you don't want to think about snoozing through workouts, or not doing your long rides or long runs. You want to know you're ready and that you've done everything within your power to make yourself fit & mentally prepared to race & race well.

Think Less, Act More.

Stop procrastinating.. you're not that busy, or that tired. You've done it before, and you will do it again. These are things I tell myself all the time when I just don't feel like doing what I know will help me be the best athlete I can be in the end. Forget the "what if's" and the "oh..I know this workout is going to hurt" Embrace it, feel it, let it remind you that you are living, have two legs and should be thankful you can get out there and feel the burn.

Get Pissed, Get Frustrated - Get MOTIVATED

Sometimes I have get mad just to get going. It takes me thinking about something that will help me to get off my hiney!

Reach Your Tipping Point - and then go past it!

Sometimes you really have to challenge yourself to something big. I know what my goals are, I know they're lofty, but if they weren't I wouldn't know what else would get me out of bed those early mornings except for that I know to reach them it's going to take a lot of sacrifice. There's just no shortcuts. It's either do the work, or don't. Consistency is the key to our sport and we have to really put the hours both in training, and outside of training with eating right, sleeping right, and taking care of ourselves to get there!

You can either succumb to the pressure you put on yourself, or the fears of what if I don't do well/make this time or goal or you can harness that energy and use it to drive you toward what you want. I just try to put in 110% to every workout and see where it gets me. If I do that, mentally prepare and then execute the best of my ability on race day then there is nothing for me to be dissatisfied with. I can only worry about me, that's all.

So, as these last weeks of putting the best race of your season together are upon us, don't forget what your doing and why it means so much to you. It's much more than a sport to me. I don't want to find myself, I want to create myself...reveal my character and live my dreams. This opportunity to compete in a gift and I have one more race to use it this season. So if you need me between now and November 14th, I'll be busy working my tail off to be the best athlete I can be!

Last years ALF top 3 women

This weekend I have a little tune up at the Autumn Leaf Festival 5k in the home town. Last year I had a pretty good finishing time (for me) and I have no idea if I'll even be close this year. I'm certainly not going to let that stop me! I'm excited to race and see some old friends so it should be a fun weekend.

Here's some pictures from the Nations Triathlon if you'd like to see them..

Good Luck to Beth and everyone else racing at B.O.U.S.! You're amazing - now Just Do It!

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