Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Autumn Leaf Festival 5K = Money in the Bank

It was cold, it was wet, it was completely typical for our annual running of the ALF 5k. Going into this race I knew I wasn't in eat em up and spit em out mode as I was after nailing every speed workout I did last year. However, I was feeling rather optimistic and didn't want to put any time goal on the race. If there were heart rates of 190 and above involved and maybe a little lunch money cash prize - I knew I would be a happy girl. Luckily, there were both.

Right from the gun I went out hard with the rest of the men knowing that my competition would be one of my good friends and training partners when I was home. Tasha ran at Clarion College for many years and is now training to take it to the next level in the marathon and maybe even a little something something in 2012. She's a great girl and a good friend but that day she was my competition. A little healthy competition is good for all of us and pushes us to be our best. It certainly did that for me on Saturday!
My first mile was reasonable at slightly under six minutes. The second mile had quite a few uphills and to be honest, I never even saw the marker for mile 2! I just ran hard, tried to keep my turnover high and glanced at the heart rate monitor every once in awhile - 196..yep.. good. It hurt.. It hurt bad. I wanted to stop many times and at one point I did glance over my shoulder very subtly on a turn to see Tasha not far behind. I probably had 30 seconds on her so I felt comfortable, but not too comfortable.
My fans were out and it was nice to see family and friends cheering me on and saying good job. I appreciate you coming out and supporting the other racers and I on a cold, damp fall morning!!!
I was thankful to head into the stadium where we did one loop around the track and then it was finish line all the way. Thanks fast pink Newtons!
There was also a 10k so no, I did not run 21 minutes. I heard them calling out times and I thought that I was at 20 mins at something for just a second on the backstretch! Not that it isn't a decent time, but I was pretty sure I was running faster than that!!
They started the clock with the 10k'ers two minutes earlier so even though I didn't run a personal best, I did run a decent time (19:08) and I was happy with the good hard effort. I smiled and put that in the bank for Clearwater.

Not to mention a little hotel money for Clearwater also which was nice. I shouldn't be advertising they have cash prizes. Don't you all go showing up next year! Kidding!
In other news, training is going well and I had to put my money where my mouth was this week when I didn't get my swim in yesterday morning and then had to turn around at night and do 4000 yards from 6:15pm-7:30pm last night. I did it though!
It really is getting unusually cold here so I've broken out the fall shoes and light jackets. Did I ever mention I have a complete coat fetish? I'm terrible. I won't tell you how many but it's obscene. I should be wearing them around the house soon because I refuse to turn on the heat this early in the year. My answers to no heat - sweatshirts, electric blankets and space heaters. Yep, I'm all over it.
Great job to those who races this weekend. It's almost Kona time. This time last year I was crossing things off the final packing list. Hope you all are mentally preparing!! It's almost time!!!

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