Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fighting the Darkness...

The track this morning at 6:30am (well, what you can see of it!)

Ok.. So it's a funny post name. I realize that. That's exactly what I've been doing though lately, in more ways than one!
If you live anywhere in the Northeast the reality of winter is upon us. I love the fall, the changing leaves, the smell of crisp fall air, and even jeans and little jackets coming back into style. With this change comes the long hours of summer sunshine waning away in both the evenings and mornings.
Last night I rode the trainer for my two hour longer mid-week ride because I couldn't get started until 6pm and I knew I would loose the light (plus the trainer turns me into some sort of a crazy women so I ride like mad - who knows!).

After my warm up it was starting to get a little bit lighter. How funny - That's steam coming from my body in this picture!

This morning I pried myself out of my nice warm sheets into the 60 degree chill of my bedroom and threw on the Newtons to hit the track at 6:30. It was really really dark when I started but I could see the lines and that was enough to get it done.

At the end of the workout the sun had finally come up and I got to see yet another sunrise!

Afterward, I headed to the pool to attempt to get 3000 yards in during the 50 minutes I had left before having to get ready for work. This time of year I think you have to fight it off. I just hate how at 7pm it already feels like the night is over and I'm not even done with my workout yet.

I'm trying to stay positive though. I'm fighting off the darkness in more ways than one.

My Mother always told me when you start feeling negative or having that depressed sort of feeling you have to fight it off with thankfulness. I had a rough start to the week because of some emotional things and I've been fighting it ever since.

So, here's my list of things I am thankful for today!

1. My Faith - even when it's tested it is always the thing I come back to and believe that will guide me through my life. It will never fail even when I do, big time..and that is a relief.

2. My family - I have nothing without them. They support me, believe in me and love me no matter what. We are so lucky to have them! All of us!

3. My friends - I'm so lucky to have people all over that care about me! From high school friends, to college friends, to work friends, to gym friends, to friends on my Mark Allen Team to blog friends - I am always trying to make a list of people to call because I'm always behind in catching up with them but I know you're on the list and I'm happy I have people to call and talk to in good times and bad. Here's a picture of Janine, Megan and I at a new bike shop opening a few weeks ago - TOP GEAR. It's a great shop! I'm excited about it (it's so close!)

3. Racing/Triathlon - I love competition and have for as long as I can remember. I love the buzz around race day and the feeling of not knowing what will happen. I'm thankful for a special race I did last year around this time and had such a positive experience that I will never forget.

4. My cute little house I live in right now. It's decorated so nicely and I do like it.

5. My career - I've had a lot of luck in this area and I have a great job that isn't too stressful and gives me lots of opportunities to create products for kids that are better for them and impact their lives. I meet lots of food service directors that feed the children of our nation and that's a pretty important job!

6. My Heath - which shouldn't be this far down on the list but I just thought of it! It really is a blessing to be healthy and have no major issues or injuries!

7. The little things: a.k.a.

- wearing socks to bed so I go to sleep faster

- good songs that come on the radio spontaneously that I can sing to

- fall shopping (which I'm trying not to do much lately to save $ to race)

- funnel cake (which I hope to eat this weekend if I do jet home for the ALF festival again)

- Steeler Football (going to the home game this Sunday night with the Chargers - GO Black & Gold!)

- New recipes - I'm attempting to learn how to expand my cooking horizons and it's fun

- The leaves changing

- Three days in Florida to chill on the beach after Clearwater 70.3

- Good smelling body lotion

- Beyonce, my new mascot

- My new computer from Dell that was just delivered today

- Blue, my Cervelo P2, who has been trusty and true (and paid off!) for 3 years now

- Singing in the shower (and praying in there's my favorite place to do so)

- Getting all the money raised for Play By Faith - Thank you Donors! I made my goal!

- My counselor - she's amazing and I am so happy to have her

- Hot Chocolate

- Apple Cider

- My blog friends!

- Getting to watch IM Hawaii online next week and cheering my head off for everyone!

OK...that's enough. Time to go home! I hope everyone has lots to be thankful for today!

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