Monday, October 5, 2009

What a Weekend!

If you've learned one thing about Pittsburgh, it's that we love our sports teams. People are FANATICS about the Pirates, Penguins and Steelers. They will dress up, cheer, drink and yell alongside any other fans and will be louder and more obnoxious than all of them. We are loyal, and we are tried and true in good times and bad! This weekend was a tribute to that (along with some amazing training, which I will get to shortly).

Friday night started out with watching the Pens game at a lounge by my house with a good friend that's here for a few weeks from Norway. We had a blast cheering on the Pens and they won..Go Pens!

On Saturday I got up bright and early to meet Heidi and go out for a ride in the beautiful October sunshine. The weather was perfect. Although we had arm warmers and gloves on, it was spectacular riding weather! She was willing to do another alpaca run with me to the 2:20 mark and then I dropped her off an kept going till I reached my four hours! We had so much fun and the last two hours I really really pushed my heart rate and focused on high cadence. I ended up having the best ride of the whole year and my heart rate was right on point! I got off the bike only to have the best transition run of the whole year. My legs were light and I could have ran another 10 miles easily (but I didn't, no worries coach!).

My bike still has the my Ironman sticker from last year! Just as a little reminder that I am an Ironman.
Joselyn and I pre-long run on Sunday. We were easy to spot in our bright tops. Chatting away we got in ten miles together before she split off to pick up the pace for her marathon training and I plugged away at my 7:30pace to get 15 miles in! I was so happy and my legs (although a bit tired at the end) were really in pretty good shape.

Have fun in Hawaii Joselyn. We are thinking of you and Jeremy and praying for a great race for him!

I went home to shower, nap and make a Alfredo/veggie/chicken lasagna to eat this week! Then it was GAME TIME again!!

Steelers VS. Chargers Sunday night at 8:15pm! This was a late night for me but when Heidi said she had tickets I was all in!! I met Heidi and her whole family at the best tailgate ever! The food was amazing and the company was even better. We waved our terrible towels, ate peroigies and laughed a lot!

How appropriate - a pink Newton visor was my belated b-day present from Heidi! Thanks so much! I love it!! It was breast cancer awareness night so all the players were sporting a little bit of pink here and there. They would either have a pink wristband, or pink shoes. It was soooo cool. I felt right at home with my pink visor! I love it! Thanks Heidi!

I adopted Heidi's Grandpa or "POP" as they call him. He was very sprightly and made me laugh! I miss mine sometimes so he had no problem giving me hug and being a substitute for the evening!
As if you weren't sure before, you will be after seeing this picture. Yes, this is a man in full WWF wresting attire..and four other men dressed in some sort of plaid big pimpin zoot suits. The moment we saw them on the way into the stadium we KNEW we had to be in a picture with them. This was actually one of the tamer pictures if you can believe that!
Our seats were on the visitors side but only 6 rows from the field. We were so close we could smell them.. or spit on them...or something! We cheered until I lost my voice! It was amazing!
What a night and what a weekend! It was jam packed with both fun and hard work (just the way I like it). Now it's time to focus people - It's Iroman time. Get your game faces for cheering on. I'm going to spend my week yelling at the computer for 5-10 minutes at a time to practice for Saturday. Don't forget hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! It's GO time!

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