Thursday, November 26, 2009

Clearwater Pics

So there were definitely some wonderful things about my trip to Clearwater, Florida. So I only got to race about 53.2 miles of the race- what are you going to do??! One of the reasons I love racing is because I love to travel to cool places and I am truly blessed to meet amazing people who make my life so much more interesting than it would be otherwise. I can honestly say meeting people who have become friends (most of which I will retain for life I feel quite sure) has been more satisfying than reaching any personal goal or achievement. So, here are some pictures of the rest of my trip and some of the people who made it fun despite a few minor setbacks!Of course, you've seen him many times, Jim B. He just sent me this picture a few days ago and it is a keeper. Everyone is always making fun of me for having my mouth open in pictures. This one is no exception!

White sand beneath my feet...even with a broken collarbone it felt pretty good!!

The Days Inn Clearwater Beach was a wonderful place to stay and my two newest friends Janet and Ray, the Manager, could not have been sweeter to a girl who had just been through a bit of turmoil. They took great care of me with free continental breakfast, great directions, and just some general company when I needed it! I really appreciated their generosity and I would definitely recommend this hotel as a great place to stay (short walk to the beach and very clean) if you end up racing Clearwater next year. As I mentioned, I won't be back but if I ever end up there again for another reason other than racing...I will definitely stay there!

Ray and I

The pristine beach with little cabanas

I raced with Powergels as usual, and I had my Powerbar Towel on the beach to represent! Thanks for a great two years of sponsorship!!
Just to prove I WAS there, I had someone snap a quick picture on the beach (no, I took off my sling because, well, imagine the tan lines-kidding)
If nothing else, the scenery was very pretty and I'm going to bottle it up and take it with me for the long winter of snow and ice ahead. If I would have realized how bad my collarbone was at the time, maybe I wouldn't have stayed. I certainly did enjoy my three days of relaxation after the race even if I was in some pain. It was a fun trip for the most part, and I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that I did get hurt but that's part of the game. I can now say that without getting emotional!!
I hope everyone had a great much to be thankful for all over. We sure are lucky.

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