Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Friday/Saturday Valentines Day Triathlete Fun!

On Friday I wasn't feeling so hot in the afternoon. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this picture at the time, but it definitely displays my stomach ache and general not feeling well. Despite all that, I had a big weekend planned and I was not going to miss it! Friday night I met Heidi at Panera for a quick bite before we watched the movie Valentines Day in the theaters. It was sooo cute and worth seeing if you're interested. It's a great chick flick/friend date movie if you want to go that way like we did!

Then we headed back to Heidi's house to see her mother (SOOO much fun, I adore that women) and she proceeded to make us drink wine and offered us more food. The amount of chocolate I ate during the movie was obscene (and not normal for me, but it was Valentines Day and Heidi got the big chew marshmallow covered in chocolate thingy). So, we chatted, had girl night! So fun!
We filled up the water bottles and decided to leave the Mr. Beam for another time.. don't worry Mom.. it was chocolate ok..
Then I held Chewy.. (or was this Flex).. either way, I loved up this little wiener dog and he made me give him kisses!
Finally, around 11:30pm I retired to my guest room where I found THIS!! Ha! Sorry H! I know I shouldn't do this to you, but I had to throw it up... we all have these and if you ever find mine, you have full permission to put it on your blog!
The set up
Joceyln checking out Heidi's saddle "How comfortable is that baby??" Hummm...
Smiley Heidi sat beside me, even though she knew after about two hours.. I would be smelly
Not my favorite pictures of myself.. but whatever... it was early.
Thanks for being the Host Chad (and Jen - not pictured here)
Jeremy & Jocelyn, my new Ballou Skies teammates!
Some very sweaty, but determined triathletes!
The transition run group. Heidi and I realized after changing in the same room not facing each other that we basically had on the exact same outfit.. whoops.. whatever.. The hats were free and we love JAGGAD gear so it's fine!
The post-ride spread was nothing short of amazing. I'm hosting this weekend (well, I'm going to try if we don't get 10 feet of snow) and I have a lot to live up to here being the dietitian in the group and all.
Chad and Jen really made a feast.. Like these sideways nuts (sorry..posted weird, just turn your head to the side). You MUST include a protein component after a long ride/hard workout. Your body needs fuel within 30 minutes of finishing and we were at the table shoveling things in our mouths within about 10!
Fruit is another great carbohydrate option.. banana with peanut butter, orange... or other type of fruit provides great vitamin C and other phytonutrients! This helps you meet your five a day requirement!!
Yummm.... grapes...
Chad's post race famous smoothie. I have to give him credit, he created a master piece. I know it contained something like greek yogurt, antioxidant juice, frozen berries and I think a pinch of protein. If you guys are interested I'll get the recipe from him and post it. It was a wonderful thirst quenching antioxidant kick in the freakin pants... Man was it good..

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