Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Pictures from Spring Thaw 10 Miler

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood and it was time to race, which always makes me happy. The crowd was out, and it was pretty cold, but we didn't let it scare us off!
Pretty, yet, pretty cold.
Once again, no thawing in North Park.
We did have a great crew for racing and Joe, Jeremy, Heidi and I hung out just before the gun. I think I look a little cold (and a little short) next to Joe!
And their off!
Jeremy striding it in!
Joe, smiling despite the pain!
Heidi, taking it away in the pink slippers.. I mean Newtons!
This guy, who was... well, when you live hardcore, well then you are hardcore.
Almost there.. nice forefoot landing here!
Heidi, looking like she's in great sprinting form here. I won't even try to compare what I looked like at the end..

Please excuse my post-race face. I was still trying to get out of my mood. I had to walk it off for a few minutes, and then I was fine! Thanks for all the amazing, wonderful, supportive comments on the last blog. You guys are great and I am thankful for you! You've seen me at my best, and my worst and it's nice to have people who share those same highs and lows out there! It was great to race, and I couldn't be happy to be able to run and see some wonderful friends!

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