Monday, March 15, 2010

Since it got cold...

My life is extremely random. I think you've probably picked up on that by now! So many things have been changing in my life lately, and some things have definitely stayed the same.

Things that have stayed the same are:
- The time spent with my triathlete friends has been so rewarding... We have all been getting to know each other so well and they are truly exceptional people!

- Training has been picking up and I'm tired, and have the heart rate monitor strap chafing line which means I'm probably doing things correctly...

- I'm so happy the weather is finally turning! I actually saw the sun in Pittsburgh last week for about three days strait.

- I can't WAIT to ride my bike outside (again). I did ride one day last week and I ended up walking it down the big hill by my house because of all the salt. Right when I started down I got a sick feeling in my stomach (probably due to the fear of going over the front of the bike) and I decided that I would tackle that hill at some point, just not today.

In addition to starting my own business "Fuel Your Passion," I have been been working hard on other projects as well! In the mean time, I was invited to this great event that Giant Eagle was sponsoring called "The Ireland Fund Dinner." Every year they have it at Heinz Field (home of the Pittsburgh Steelers!), and it's a celebration of all things Irish. The owners of the Steelers, the Rooneys, were there, along with other Pittsburgh stars. I pulled out the fancy dress I had, and had a ball!
I was a big fan of these girls, the Irish dancers in these fancy little dresses.
The band was willing to pose with me and I couldn't help but wonder, did they get asked to play just because they had green and white uniforms.. hummmm....that teenage boy to my left looks a little too happy for his own good... :)
Wearing some Steeler Superbowl Ring BLING!
The dinner was beautiful, the food wasn't bad either!
At the end of the night we were allowed to pick up some party favors, or as I call it "grocery shopping!" With a great sponsor like Giant Eagle, it was a nice treat to take home some goodies to make dinner, as well as, spring foliage! My house smells so good right now! I posed with this guy, luckily, he didn't mind (since he was plastic and all).
Shopping at Heinz Field.... random...
Then on Saturday, the training was on like Donkey Kong. All of the usual suspects were there, and it was trainer time for hopefully, the last time, this season!! Chad, Jen, Jeremy, Jocelyn, Matty Mo and I were on a four hour jaunt.
We were so hot, we fogged up the camera. I was ready to get off about 3 hours, but I pushed through and made it against all of my negative thoughts! I'm convinced the trainer makes you stronger.... much stronger. However, I couldn't be more ready to burn that thing to the ground and head out!!
A more normal picture with Jeremy peaking around the corner!
After a short t-run and a good breakfast, it was swim time. We suited up and headed to the YMCA in Greensburg. Chad devised a 4000 yard workout that was not for the faint of heart. Main set 30 x 100.... not bad for a Saturday afternoon.
The girls, and Chad in the background making sure he's in the picture!!
Afterward, there was a hot tub and some much needed rest and relaxing. It probably wasn't as good as an ice bath, but it was still a lot of fun!
Sunday, I did my nutrition talk at 1:00pm and that went very well! I had a lot of very interested triathletes in the room, and plenty of questions to keep me busy. Hopefully, I'll pick up a few new clients from it. In addition, thank you to everyone for your encouraging comments on starting my new gig! I appreciate it! At 4:30 it was time to change in my car, and attend the Ballou Skies team picture on the top of Mt. Washington!

The members starting from the back left are Troy, Jeremy, Jocelyn, Merett, Ryan (of course!), Joe, Steve, Kevin & Ty (and Ward, who took the pictures)!!
Jocelyn and I showed off the peanut butter beside Ryan! It was a great week / weekend, but my life is very full and I wouldn't have it any other way. Ryan just continues to be one of the coolest, most fun cats I've met yet. I hope to spend a lot more time with him in the future if he thinks I'm worthy. We'll see.

Here's to great friends and being thankful for the small things, and the big things in life that make this crazy journey worthwhile!

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