Friday, May 21, 2010

It's GO Time...Columbia Olympic Tri!

Columbia 2009 - Courtenay, Me, Lindsay & Beth!

I can't believe it is time to race again already! Yippeee for Columbia Olympic Triathlon(1500m swim, 25 mile bike, 6.1mile run!) I have to admit, I do love long training blocks at times. I really do well when I'm getting enough sleep, sticking to my routine and resting and recovering when I'm not busting my butt! However, with that said, without racing, there would be no training for me. Yes, I would get up and go to the gym here or there, but unless there is some sort of "goal" I'm pretty much just another average person working out to stay healthy.

There are some people at my gym that just love to train. For them, it totally works to do all that swimming, biking and running just to do a sprint tri at the end of the season. For me, that would NEVER be enough motivation to get out of bed early, get on my bike for four plus hours or run for a couple on Sunday.

I really like Columbia for a few reasons and those are:

1. I know quite a few people going to this race, including Beth S., Lindsay Z. and Majia!
Lindsay & I pre race 2009

2. I like the course. It's not easy by any means and the times reflect that. I like the hills on the bike and the run.

3. I ran really really well here last year. So, that's motivation for me to go back. I'm not sure if my pants were on fire or if it was just Courtenay being beside me (I'll miss you this year C.!), but I had my best run of the year here and I'm hoping to post a similar time!!

4. You can drive to this race, no major packing, no taking off days of work, only one nights hotel stay. Heck, I'll be back by 4:30 on Sunday!

All in all, I really like it. It's a different race than most because when you compete in this open division, you get a small taste of what it's like for the pro's. It's just a much emptier race. You don't see many people at all, and the few you do see, you're competing against!! You have to battle your own mind much harder during the long stretches of "alone" time and just keep thinking "She's right around the bend, go get her, find her!!" However, it's over in a much shorter time than a half..and that is sometimes REALLY nice!!

With any luck, I'll be showered, dressed, done with the awards, and eating with everyone at Noodles by 11:30-12:00pm!!

I didn't get a huge taper from coach (in fact, from Sunday to Wed. I ran 35 miles :) The three days I am getting, I'm enjoying and I think I'll be ready to rock come Sunday.

To everyone else who is racing this weekend - GOOD LUCK - stay safe and be thankful you get a chance to put it on the line. Can't wait to represent Ballou Skies!!

I forgot to give a shout out last week to my great friends and Ballou Skies Teammates Jocelyn and Jeremy Corman who whipped up on the Kinetic Half down in WV, taking 1st overall male and 2nd overall female! Way to go you two!! I'm going to start calling them the dynamic duo!

Ok.. The bags are packed, the bike will be in the car tonight and off I go tomorrow morning! Stay posted!

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