Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's a Miracle, The Sun Was Shining In Pittsburgh

This past weekend was a real treat. After a fun night on Friday with the Pittsburgh Triathlon Club (where I got to see my very own logo printed on the PTC uniforms! - so exciting!), it was time for an early swim, long bike, and short t-run on Saturday!

Look -it's my logo! It's official, I have my own business!

I awoke to the sun beaming through my bedroom window! The skies were clear, and the air was decently warm (even at 6:30am)!! I already had everything in the car, and off I went to meet Jason to swim at Cranberry YMCA.

When 8:00 came, I didn't even want to stop, but alas, we had to get on the road to meet the other riders down in North Park. The girls were all there (and Jason of course). I didn't take any pictures (very unlike me), but I was on a time schedule to get my hair cut and colored by 1:30pm. I knew there would be no time for lolly-gagging (what does that word mean anyway...very strange). I had to pull out right at 8:50am if I was going to make 3.5 hours and still have time for a short transition run at the end.

Riding with these girls is a lot of fun. We push each other, and at the same time, still find time to chat about a few things every once in awhile while going up hill, or around a bend. We took a new route which I LOVED and it was so scenic and beautiful with the sun shining (65-70 degrees). I honestly didn't want to get off my bike either, but the hair appointment was calling!

The t-run was short, but fun and then I was off. I knew enough to pack a few protein drinks in the car because after a quick P.T.A. shower (I can't print on this PG blog what that is, so just look it up :), I would be famished. Recovery nutrition is just too important to miss! Not to mention, I would have probably been a BEAR to work on if I didn't eat (just ask my Mom!) I jumped in the car, grabbed my drinks and headed downtown. Of course, I had to spill one all over my cell phone, GPS, seat belt and myself before I got down there. Now I was sticky from sweat, gel, AND a chocolate protein drink! AWESOME!

I felt a little self
conscious, as everyone at this place seems to dress up AND put on makeup just to go there. I roll in with running shorts, a t-shirt covered in chocolate and my nappy hair!

I was almost falling asleep in the chair while they did it, but I came out looking like a million bucks. Too bad they couldn't have hosed me off while I was there! Let me tell you men, it is DANG expensive to get your hair did. I know I should look for a new place, but it's just so hard to find somewhere I like and trust.

Saturday night consisted of dinner with Lissa, and meeting some of our new friends for a little get together on my back deck with candles and good stories. There was LOTS of laughing and fun involved.. that's all I can say here.
Coach Chad & Coach Kim!
Sunday was long run time (and again, another beautiful day - I was SOOO thankful for that!), and then Chad and I were hosting our first Spring Triathlon Beginner Clinic at the Washington Oval. We have a total of 8 new triathletes, and they are excited and ready to roll. I wasn't sure what to think when Chad told me he was running late from doing a sprint tri in the morning and then getting lost on his 100 mile bike back to PA (from OHIO). I just stepped up to the plate, and told everyone we were getting started! He was only 20 minutes late so that wasn't bad.

It's funny how you may not think you know much about triathlon until you start talking and then years of experience just start pouring out. When I think about it, I could probably talk all day if someone actually wanted to listen!

We had a great experience of doing Bike & Run specific training and even got to do video analysis on everyones' run! They used what they learned to critic each other and they seemed so excited about it.

I couldn't believe how much fun we had. They are great people, and hope they have an awesome experience in their first triathlon later this year!!
Marsha and I!

I couldn't be more happy that I get to race at Columbia this weekend on Sunday. I have some really good friends racing too and the elite amateur field is stacked! Let the games begin!

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