Thursday, August 26, 2010

Have You Ever Wondered??

(I wrote this on Thursday and am just getting to posting it... hence, my life!)

What kind pictures are on someones cell phone??

Since when has our cell phone become our link to the world. I can't believe there was ever a time when I DIDN'T actually have one. Oh.. and just FYI, this is going to be the most random post ever because of the following things:

1. I am out of time, really shouldn't be writing this post as it is, have to get a massage in exactly 15 minutes

2. Out of energy, I've been staring at this computer screen all day and I am sick of it

3. I'm finally to my day off this week from training this week (tomorrow - yippee) which will end with a total of 22 hours of swim, bike, run, lift + work + my own personal clients.. can you say.. pushing the limits :)

4. I don't have anything particularly creative I want to come up with right now so I'll just jumble this in here and see what happens.. so.. let's go down this road - shall we :)

Back to the cell phone. I lost mine in Dallas during my work trip this year and you would have thought I lost my right arm (and I'm right handed).

Anyway, it's just funny how it's become our Facebook, our twitter, our camera, our video camera, our email, our map quest, our radio (LOVE Pandora) and everything you could imagine under the sun.

Sometimes I think looking at someones pictures on their cell phone gives you such a glimpse into their life. Granted, my life is not that interesting I know, but I thought in light of not having a prior post and the reasons aforementioned above, we would give this a shot..

So, my life in cell phone pictures.. enjoy :)

From the pool deck at Seven Springs Resort
A little trail I found while running at Seven Springs.. I loved it!

Good friends to bike with are always in season!! All three are Ballou Skies teammates!! Jeremy, Steve & Jocelyn!

The sunrise over North Park where I run, often times before it's light out. Where is that head lamp when I need it!!

My breakfast, every single day (plus a whole grain bagel or muffin). Just blend up frozen berries, 2% Organic Milk, Stoneyfield Farm Organic Vanilla or Banana Yogurt & some why protein (plus a shot of the POM recovery if you have it) and you'll have a delicious breakfast packed with protein & antioxidants! I LOVE it!!

This came in the mail and I was so happy I took a picture. I've been an honorable mention for years, but never actually earned the All American status. I don't know how it happened considering I broke my collarbone at the biggest race of my season (Half Ironman World Champs), but I was thankful it finally did and I felt very blessed!!
I had to take a picture of this guys shirt at Irongirl last weekend. Where would we be without our support team.. um.. no where, that is where! Thanks to all those that allow triathletes like myself to be our best on race day (not to mention putting up with all of the rest of the training, tireless eating and early mornings!)
This women was an inspiration to me. After you have children, you can still race, pick them up after and give hugs to your friends, THAT's an Irongirl in my book. Pretty cool chick if you ask me!!

Cute doggie beside me saying hello!!
One of my long runs had this little calf alongside the road chilling out below a tree. Adorable!

Go LINSEY! Who doesn't get fired up when they see a picture like this.. it's so awesome to see the excitement when everything finally comes together. Linsey Corbin is a stellar athlete and person from what I read, so it was cool to see her on the cover. I hope she has a lot more of these!!
This past weekend brought some great riding partners and of course, friends. We had the best weather possible and it was a fun day! Thanks guys!

After a t-run, then there was only one thing left to do.. Oh no you di-ent.. Yes, I did.. and it wasn't fun..

But I made it through and was happy I did on Sunday's long run and ride!

Then I found this suit on sale for $22.00 and I couldn't decide if I thought it was cool, or just psychedelic and ugly as all get out. Then I decided I didn't care, it was 22.00!! Whatever! I need it!!

My inability to put on my own sunscreen at times produces the most triathlete like of tan lines, but I guess I can't complain. The T-back is a part of my life now, and I was so happy it was beautiful outside and not a cloud in the sky all weekend. I will try to channel the thoughts of these warm days in November when I am still attempting to ride while it's snowing!!

On another note - Congrats to all those who finished at IM Louisville this past weekend. We had three people from Pittsburgh go down there and despite the heat, they dug deep and finished strong!! I'm so proud of you - Rob, Matty Mo & Jason!! Matty punched his ticket to Kona which has been a very long road, and I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. Way to go Matt!

Also a big shout out to Bree for her 3rd place Professional finish!! I knew you could put it together Bree!! So excited for you!!

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