Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rev it Up!... Start You Engines Please

It's time to race again.. soon.. very soon..

There are a few things I know..

1. My training has been going well and it's making me very excited (and tired, and hungry).

2. I haven't had the best of success at the half ironman distance this year. For some reason, it just hasn't been wanted to come together for me, for what I believe are various reasons. However, all of that is (hopefully) about to change in two weeks!

3. I really wanted to do a half ironman to see how training was going for the full. Sort of "assess where things were at this point" and get a chance to practice everything for long distance racing once again.

4. It's time, on Sept. 12th I will be racing Revolution 3 Half Ironman! I couldn't be more happy about it!! Yippeee! I love to race!

I've heard only good things about this series, and I really think the fact that the race director is a triathlete herself (Heather Gollnick) certainly would help her understand the needs of triathletes everywhere. I've run into her at a couple of races and she seems very nice.

All in all, things are good! I'm getting enough sleep to ward off some bug that has been going around, work it busy but good, and training is well, base training - it's long, it's sometimes monotonous, but all in all, I think it's doing its job.

One thing I am loving lately is my new Garmin 405! Once I finally figured out how to use it, it has really been helping me know where my pace is on certain terrains and my heart rate vs. pace. I've never had a tool like this before and it really seems to be helping me understand how fast (or some days how slow :) I am running!

My first tape break in awhile from Irongirl Sprint Triathlon a few weeks ago!! A happy girl!! Just wish I was looking up!

Hope everyone is doing well!

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