Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ain't Nothin Gonna Break My Stride

Did you ever notice that some people just want to bring you down? I'm not sure if it's because they're jealous, or just don't like it when people are different, but they seem to just want to make your life harder on purpose.

I had one of those weeks that just never seemed to end.. start to finish! As hard as I tried to stay positive, put a smile on my face and be thankful for everything.. it seems like crap just kept flying out of no where.... hitting me upside the head, knockin me down on my hiney.

That's ok I said.. dusted myself off, stood my ground...

Then DUCK.. here it comes again.

Needless to say, I know I'm pretty lucky. Many things in my life are going awesome. However, I will just never understand some people's need to "put you in your place" (or at least that's what I think they are saying in there mind).

I know my lifestyle is not normal. I prefer it that way. During the off season, I'll make it about 4 days before going.. seriously! You people watch this much TV all the time - I feel like my brain is fried! I just don't like TV.. not one of my things.

As much as I complain about it sometimes, I LOVE my life. I love getting up early, testing myself day in and day out, learning about my limits, teaching myself how to suffer to be a better athlete. I don't think I could change who I was if my life depended on it at this point!! I have a great life, wonderful family & friends (many of whom are shown in this post to remind me how much I love them!!) and a wonderful support group around me!!

When I have a week like this one I say several things to myself, starting with:

1. You can do this Kim! you've trained for Ironman before in 2008, and you'll do it again.

2. Balance.. it's hard to maintain right now, but just do the best you can. Eat well, sleep well, work to the best of your ability and don't worry about the rest.

3. Be Yourself. This is who you are, don't let people try to make you into something you are NOT. We all make choices, maybe you don't have the same priorities as everyone else and that is fine. Me personally, I work (and I work plenty hard) to live my life the way I want. Work is not my life. I will not be made to feel bad about that.

4. Be Thankful.. This is an amazing opportunity, to train for an event like this.. many people would love to do it - don't waste it.. give it everything you can (while still keeping your life as together as possible)

5. Love yourself... no one can love you, if you don't love yourself.

6. Know your limits.. if things get to be too much, and one more thing is just going to push you over the edge, stop, take a breath and cut something out (insert wedding, social event, charity planning etc.). Make good decisions for yourself and your family.

7. Don't give up.. Things are going to get hard, and then, they are going to get even harder. You are going to get tired, and run down and you won't know which way is up.. but this is what you live for..this is what you enjoy and you DO IT BECAUSE YOU LOVE IT. Even in those times, I still love it.. the process, the journey to the starting line.
8. Rely on those around you.. ask for help when you need it. Don't be afraid to say things are getting crazy.

9. Let Negativity ROLL off your back.. You don't need it, and it won't define you.. let people be the way they want to be.. you choose who you are and how you handle their bad attitudes and thoughts.
10. Have a dream.. All of this crazy training and racing started with a dream.. and it's a big one let me tell you.. and I am not about to give it up unless I truly feel my life is supposed to be headed another direction. They will have to pry it from my lifeless dead hand if that is what it takes.... because it's not stopping as long as I'm on this earth and feel that God is with me, watching me, blessing me and helping me to achieve it. Sometimes it's like climbing this huge mountain. You can't see the top yet, but you have the faith to know that beyond the clouds and fog, it's up there. When you finally make your ascent, it will be even more amazing that you had ever imagined.

Those are my crazy thoughts for this week. I know that was a little heavy - sorry! I just had to get it off my chest! I hope it helps you as you go along your way. Know that many of us training and racing are going through the same things and we can help each other along the way. What a great thought.

Thanks for listening....

The good news is I will be running a 10k tomorrow for a "hero" named Judd Jack who is over in Afghanistan fighting for our country. It's our local 5k/10k so although I won't have anyone going with me to support, I'm sure I'll see many many people that I know which will be fun.

After that, it will be a quick bike ride, and on to my cousins wedding which I am very excited to see all my family! Yippeee for good things!!

OH - and I had a "coaching moment" this week that I thought I would share - hope this helps someone out there who needs it!

Sometimes becoming a better athlete is not only about the big picture, it's about all the little things we do.. stretching, rolling (make sure I talk to you about getting a roller - you need one!), drinking enough water, icing, sleeping and eating for healthy & recovery. Yes, it's about the workouts, but it's about all the other stuff too. You just do you best that day, each day and it all adds up to prepare you for the race. We are a work in progress my dear! So, no worries. You are "learning" to become GREAT! It isn't an overnight process. However, when you are standing on that starting line, and you think of all the amazing workouts you have completed, and all the things you've sacrificed to get there, you will know in your heart that you are ready to do very very well.

Have a great weekend everyone - Over and out..

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