Monday, September 20, 2010

Updates & Hitting Myself Where it Hurts

Rev 3 Cedar Point Half Ironman - Beth & Kim post race

Well, you just can't help but smile at a picture like this right (except for that lady beside us who is like staring us down)! I love how one arm is like still on Kyle, and the other is around Beth - GROUP HUG! Thanks to OJS for the picture (that I stole off your blog but I didn't think you would mind!).

My shorts were all jacked up by this point. They look like a micro mini compared to Beths! O well. Whatever... at that point you're usually so hot, so sweaty and so tired you could just care less!

THE UPDATE is as follows:

  • Training this weekend was really really good. I rode with Jocelyn and Rich on Saturday and got in quite a few miles, and then it was off to a quick transition run. None of that was very amazing, but the timeline afterward was pretty impressive (for a girl and all). I ended the run at 1:08pm, was in the car at 1:10pm, drove to the gas station convenience store to get four bags of ice and a Naked Juice Protein Shake at 1:15pm, returned and was in the ice bath by 1:25pm (while drinking protein shake & eating reheated pasta from a plastic container), out by 1:40pm and still made a 2:00pm haircut! One thing triathlon training equals - EFFICIENCY! SHA-ZAM!

Great job to Jeremy, Kevin & Ty!

  • Sunday's long run was done from 11:00am - 1:00pm, talk about hot! Well, comparatively not as hot, but it felt pretty hot to me! My legs were falling apart a little the last hour, but I was glad I got it done and kept my heart rate in check. Pretty soon I'll only be WISHING I had a 2 hour run on the schedule :)

  • The weekend goes too fast. It's seriously over in a minute. Not cool!

  • Great weekend for racing! Congrats to those at Syracuse 70.3! I saw some really stellar results and the Pittsburgh crew did VERY well! Way to go!

  • Friday evenings are getting even more and more exciting, let me tell you. Last Friday I swam with the Masters Swim team at Swickley, and then had a video analysis done by Leah at Liquid Lifestyles swimming. The good news is, my body position and catch are really good. The bad news is I'm doing some really funky stuff (that has been going on SINCE THE SPRING) with my hand before I catch and I'm crossing the midline with my right arm when it enters the water.. GRRR.. So my new mantra is "I WILL work on technical aspects of my swim, I WILL break 30 mins in a half ironman soon - I WILL!"

  • Ironman training is really getting into full swing and I realized that things I now get to do are: see more sunrises, see more sunsets, really get to know my training partners, as well as, the feel of my bike seat after the 4 hr mark. Things I don't get to do as much are: stay up late, dry my hair for work on a regular basis, sleep in, drink too much wine, save money, call people as much. I am busier, later for work, more tired, and more hungry that I've been in months.. and that is just about where I should be I guess.

  • There is a stink bug epidemic in Pittsburgh, and let me tell you, I am NOT happy about it!
Other than that, when I'm not doing a good job at some aspect of training and health that I know is important, I've got to make a change. As many of us know, we don't really make a change about our lives easily sometimes. We have to be, well, prompted, by something. For instance, some people don't feel they need to loose weight until they see a picture of themselves at a certain angle and they don't like it, or they have a ____ (insert - wedding, class reunion etc. etc.). I'm the same as everyone else - dietitian or not, old habits die hard (and I get occasionally get lazy!).

The thing I am doing crappy at lately is a no brainer - I'm not drinking enough water. Seriously, I'm a sports nutritionist.. are you kidding me Kim??! Not enough water. Yes, I said it, my name is Kim and I'm not drinking enough water. HAPPY!?

So, each day I will record how many 24oz bottles I drink and each day I will not be allowed to drink my glass of red wine at night unless I reach my goals. We all need something to motivate us, well, there's mine. After enough days of kicking myself for working out so hard and then doing something so stupid like realizing I haven't used the bathroom in like 3 hours.. I've had it. Something has got to give. So here we go - my new rule to myself. Hit myself where it hurts! No sense in doing all this awesome training, and then ruining it by dehydrating all day!

I hope everyone is having a great week!

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