Monday, October 25, 2010

Ballou Skies Fundrasier at Buckheads - HUGE Success!

At 7:00pm on Friday I was twiddling my thumbs (well, I was shoving food in my mouth, but I was still nervous) wondering if anyone was actually going to show up to the Ballou Skies fundraiser. Did we send out enough emails? Did we post enough fliers? What about Facebook, did anyone actually GET the invitation to the event?

The room was pretty empty and I was starting to sweat a little that we might have hundreds of dollars in donated merchandise that would not be given away for charity! However, thank heavens, once I had finished whoofing down my dinner, people started to arrive. The rest is a blurr!

Kyle was helping me sell raffle tickets (thanks K!) and friends were funneling in from every direction giving hugs and asking how they could help! It turned out to be an amazing evening and we raised just shy of $2500 for kids with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and research to help them find a cure.
I showed off a "Bird Condo" made by Kyle's Mother's boyfriend - ha.. that's a mouthful! I think it ended up going for $50.00!
The signed Max Talbot and Franco Jerseys were a huge hit and bought in some high bids!
The Chinese auction was a great idea. I'm not sure why they call it a Chinese auction in the first place though?! I should look that up!
Ty and Ryan were super pumped that we had such a great turnout! Over a hundred people were crammed into our little roped off area of the restaurant / bar!
Ryan had a few other friends show up - he looks surprised and happy to see them!
Part of the Ballou Skies crew took a second to pose for a picture toward the end of the night!
Kathy, Jocelyn and I
Kyle got a picture with Ryan - Thanks for all your help Kyle!!
Finally, Ryan, Ryan's sister Merett and I got a picture at the end of the night (which for me - was 10:00 - I had a long ride to do in the morning!).

My feet were KILLING me by the end.. but it was totally worth it. The comments were so positive and I couldn't believe how many friends and family showed up to support this great cause. I just felt the love everywhere I looked and I feel so very fortunate and thankful to be part of a team of athletes doing good and having fun at the same time!! Very cool!!

Thanks to everyone who came out. It was a great night to raise some funds for charity!!

Pictures from Saturday's century coming shortly - STAY TUNED!

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