Friday, October 22, 2010

How Do You Do It??

Surprisingly enough, I get asked this quite often.

I'm not sure what people mean by it. I guess they feel I'm doing a lot of different things?! I've never done anything different so I suppose I don't even know better!

I have to say, I don't think I would have it any other way. I mean, I love down time as much as the next person, but there's a time for that (like when I'm six feet under :) Well, or maybe more like the off season. For now, as my Mother / Mother-in-Law sometimes says...

"You're trying to cram two pounds of ^&$% in a one pound bag!!!"

Yep, that's right.. I am.. and then I'm trying to layer a few more things on just to get them in!!

It's gotten a bit harder lately though.. and at times these last few weeks, I really thought I might have a small meltdown (oh wait, I did last week on Friday night - well, another one then!). The workouts were intense and frequent, work was busy, and getting ready for the fundraiser tonight plus still having clean laundry kept a lot of balls in the air!! I think I've manged to get through almost unscathed. Then again, I still have a long ride tomorrow and a long run on Sunday!

Unfortunately, this weekend will no doubt not be as fun of a long run as last Sunday when I met up with my awesome friend and tri-sister Heidi! It was quite the reunion having her back in town. The only thing that was missing was a big bottle of wine which I suffice to say will be in the mix in December when she returns for the holidays and we both aren't IM training!
We looked so RED faced in this picture because we had just gotten out (what felt like) a 100 degree pool!! It was SO hot!! I felt terrible that I brought her to my pool and they turned up the heat like mad! We still mad it 3500 amazingly enough!! I KNOW I was sweating!
Then we were both hurting pretty bad so we just talked away for the whole two hour long run!! I was happy to just be running PERIOD after my long ride the day before. My legs were toast, but she made it so much more enjoyable. We caught up on all the news we've missed when we don't have time to call each other due to the massive amount of training! I know she is going to ROCK IT at IM FL in a few weeks!

After doing some math - I realized my running shoes MAY just be the source of my knees, hips, ankle aches. 600 some miles on them - huh Kim - ya think?! So I finally had enough time to head to Second Sole and get a new pair. As usual, DJ hooked it up..
And I made him take these awful pictures where we tried to look tough and make some sort of signs.. which I know we shouldn't mess with - but I just couldn't stand to just say "CHEESE" in another picture!! I did that last week (which you will see below!).
I look like a crazed women getting these shoes.. then again.. so does he. I had a few requests for him to take his shirt off last time since he was kidding around with me about it.. but he got all shy on me and said he would regret. Yeah.. this is a family blog I guess. Then again.. everyone and their brother posted half naked pictures of the Underware run in Kona - so I might be being conservative here! Maybe we'll take up a Ballou Skies collection for him to do it next time - thoughts?? How much can I raise - hummmm...

Lastly, I feel like I dork, but then again, I like readers and sometimes people find this stuff sort of interesting so I figured I could use your help! I had my headshots / portfiolo redone last week and I am TRYING to pick the best pictures to use on the website. These are the totally untouched / unphotoshopped versions. If you wouldn't mind letting me know which ones you like - that would be really helpful!
Number 1
Number 2
Number 3
Number 4
Number 5
Number 6 (ouch.. this one is hard for me to look at for some reason.. maybe its the fact that he put me in DOUBLE jeans - yes, that was what he wanted. I heard this is a fashion no-no.. who knows - not me!)
Number 7

I thought they were decent, not great. Then again, I am my own worst critic. I swear, if THIS doesn't get me some work (which has been seriously lacking lately), then I'm going to have to hang it up and not invest one more dime in this part of my life. I just don't have extra $ to throw at pictures so even springing for these was pretty tough considering I have an Ironman on the horizon!

Hopefully, new pictures on the website will bring in some potential work and I can attempt to pay off this trip in Nov.

Let me know which ones you like!! Thanks everyone!! Oh - and thanks so much for the comments about my aunt - here was her update yesterday!! SO happy.. prayer works!!

Good news! Infection not in port lines so we don't have 2 replace it & bacteria gone. No more fevers & most counts r holding. Had 3 platelet transfusions & white remain stubborn. Trying new drug tomorrow & staying here until we can harvest. Stem cells. Charlie came down w cold so I'm grounded here & he @ home. LOL! I'm in great hands & we're in the home stretch. Thank u God! :D

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