Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh The Joys of Ironman Training..

I have to say, I sort of forgot what it was like to be training for an Ironman (while trying to keep the rest of my life going as well!). It's been a bit difficult at time, but all in all, I really like it. Sometimes I will get my schedule for the week and wonder how in the WORLD I am going to fit all of this into two weeks, let alone ONE week around everything else. However, somehow, my some miraculous feat, gift from God or just me gritting my teeth and setting the alarm earlier and earlier.. I manage to get most of it in.

This week has been no exception. Four swims, four runs, three bikes, and some lifting / core work and I'll end with a beautiful 23 hours of training + work + life. It's ok though, one week at a time, I'm knockin it down. With each week I'm feeling stronger (and looking a little more forward to the next rest week!!!).

Some of the joys of Ironman training are as follows:

- Sipping Tea at my desk after a long swim

- Seeing the leaves change on a regular basis (like a daily basis!)
- Seeing the world from my bike

- Taking a few half days so I don't have to use my entire Saturday to train. Welcome to what it feels like to be a professional triathlete!!

- Chafing in places I can't talk about in this public arena for fear of public ridicule.

- Spending three hours running with my good friend Heidi on Saturday who will be up from New Orleans!! Can't wait to see you H!

- Eating, Eating and more eating.. which is good and bad. I swear, I just can't get enough in!

- Talking to my coach on like an every day / every other day basis - adjusting workouts, dialing everything in.

- Setting "getting up early" PR's.. like this week, when I saw Blue at 4:30am!

Looking cute Blue - tell ya what, I'll bring the Powergels, let's go for a spin..

- Seeing the look on my co-workers faces when they ask how far I ran on Sunday!

- Planning my escape to Cozumel when the weather here starts looking really gray and crappy!

- Thinking about all kinds of things during my 5-6 hour bike rides!

- Remembering how lucky I am to get a chance to even do this...
- Knowing that "someones got my back." Wherever I go, whatever I do, I know that even when I'm out there training in the dark, and it's cold, and the road in front of me is barely visible, I know I am not alone. There are people on this earth, and beyond, rooting for me, supporting me, and knowing that training for this race is part of what I believe is my life's goal and purpose. Reading an inspirational book while training for IM has really helped me put all of it into perspective. I often times feel like I'm reading the words of my own mind while enjoying the work of Jason Lester.

“It’s not about running or Ironman,” Lester said of his book. “It’s not about Jason Lester. It’s about how to live a life closer to your purpose. There were so many dark moments along the path I took to where I am now. There are so many people in dark moments right now. My challenge has helped mold me into the man I’m supposed to be. Not every day was pretty. I wanted to give up many times. But, ultimately, the challenges I’ve faced have stretched my mind. Your mind doesn’t shrink again. It just continues to grow.”

And we will continue to grow, and change, and learn more as we continue through this journey they call Ironman. I'm excited for some time this weekend with Kyle, family and friends.

I hope all of you that competed in Kona this past weekend are healing up and enjoying some down time. You deserve it..

Wish me luck!

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