Monday, October 11, 2010

Seasons of Change

It is certainly that time of year!! The leaves are changing, there is a familiar chill in the air, and it's time to break out the sweaters and light jackets! Fall is definitely here!!

I have to say, I sure do love this season. It's just so pretty and I enjoy being outside and seeing all the changes as they pass. It always gets me thinking about the bad weather to come (but I try to avoid that and just enjoy the "now").

Regardless, the heavy time of training has definitely hit for me.. and I am knee deep. I had a slight recovery week last week, that ended with a very long ride on Saturday and another long run on Sunday.

Saturday was also time to watch the Kona athletes give it their all, and I was glued to my computer all day (when my hiney wasn't on a bike seat!). Simply amazing job to all those competing.. pro and age group alike.

It's funny how much we resist change at first. We all like to think we are very flexible and adaptable, but I'll tell you as much as the next person - I LIKE routine, I LIKE to know what to expect, I LIKE to feel familiarity and that's how I do well.

I have to say, when I started this year with a new coach, it was a bit of a difficult change. I mean, it was hard to get used to not knowing how to read him, knowing he didn't know me as well, and just not knowing what to expect out of my body or my workouts. The questions were many, but I knew in my heart only time would tell where we would end up. I'm not lying when I say there were times I wanted to jump ship and run. However, time and time again, I just kept trusting, kept pushing for more understand about the "why" of what we were doing, and eventually.. just now, I'm getting my answers. They are coming in the form of long rides, and longer runs.. I'm seeing some paces / times that are almost scaring me. I'm tempted to keep hitting the buttons on the garmin just to make sure it hasn't confused me with some other faster person.. but to no avail.. it seems to be working.

Now, I'm not saying I don't have my bad workouts.. heck, bad workout weeks!! Weeks like last week where I forced to be up early, and stay late at dinners that would prevent me from sticking to my schedule or getting proper rest. It seemed like the world was conspiring against me to NOT get any quality workouts in.. However, rest weeks are good too.. and the less we stress about it, sometimes the better.

All I know is I think I'm thankful for this new season. My coach and I are learning about each other and finally getting into a really great groove. He's coaching some exceptional athletes besides me, and he really listens to how am feeling on a day to day basis. It's certainly helping me to become a better coach myself, and I think that's a big part of this process.

Only time will tell, only November 28th will we know the story (or at least part of it!)

I'll leave you with some pictures from these past few weeks of running / riding / friends / farm markets. Some of the best things about my life right now!!
I found the biggest pumpkin EVER while on my ride two weeks ago!! This thing was a monster. They had a guessing contest inside - what do you guys think?? 175 lbs?? I have NO clue!
Some alpacas on my long run the day after.. I spied them through the fence!
It was an animal filled ride - this pig was hanging in the front yard in his cage!
Beautiful fall foliage.. LOVE IT!
An evening with friends on Friday!! Great to see you ladies!!
Sorgal's Farm Market had a fall festival this past Sat /Sun. I hit them up for some soup and some kettle corn!\

Don't you just love fall!

Farmers Market inside

Tractor Rides!
Again, a huge congrats to all my friends that finished... and a big shout out to Jocelyn who was hit while on her bike only days before the race. She continues to inspire me with her courage and even though she was bruised up and a little shaken up, she still put down the hammer despite the pain!! Way to go to all of you!!

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