Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saturday's Chilly Century

Note the long wind resistant jacket, gloves, shorts with leggings over and of course.. two hats under the helmet. This is what cycling in PA looks like at the end of October! Of course, this was early and it got much nicer as the day lingered on. However, my hard-core cycling friend Joe determined a 7:00am start would be the best to get training done early. I had to agree. The longer I have to wait to eat my first real meal of the day - the more unhappy I am!
We started off with a goal - 20 mph for the entire 50 mile out and back loop. I thought this goal was a tad bit ambitious.. but I was willing to try. He said the course was relatively flat so thought it was out there, but we might have a chance. We headed into Ohio and then West Virginia - my first multi-state ride!! I decided we probably didn't have time to stop an play slots.. but we might as well see the horse track since we were here!
It was pretty neat to see the horses being trained. They were running sideways.. doing horse drills I guess! Very cool!
Then we decided that even though we were hitting the goal mph, that a scenic ride would be nice too so we went from flat to hills on the way back. Joe was kind enough to play photographer for most of the day with his iphone. Thanks Joe!
My garmin always wants to shut off every time I make a pit stop and I end up having to reset it on the bike.. not fun.. Hold glove in mouth, attempt to fix watch while NOT getting hit. Yeah, I should have probably pulled over. Totally caught on film here!
Ha - Got ya Joe!
Oh great.. the behind shot.. the setting is pretty though!
Hills, Hills and more hills.. we dropped like 2 mph in a matter of a few hours! I started to get a little loopy and you know that "I want off my bike now please" feeling in my nether-regions.. so I told Joe that it was time to circle the wagons and head back to camp. I was almost out of water and I don't actually have a cycling computer right now (my Polar bike computer died a few weeks ago and I've been trying to muster up the $ to buy a garmin or something of the like) so I had NO idea how far we were (and Joe never said squat!). I knew we were close to town though and just as I was about to breath a sigh of relief he yells "TURN LEFT HERE!!"

I kept thinking.. "no.. town is strait, I don't want to turn left." I had a feeling it might end badly.. and it did..

He decided to take me up some MASSIVE hill at like mile 103.. just to see the look on my face. Thanks Joe.. awesome.. that was really nice.
It went on and on, oh - and ON.. He got off JUST to take a picture. I probably would have done something bad with my hand or hit him if I could have taken my arms off the bars. I was pulling up and needed the leverage so I just yelled at him and let it go.

Maybe it will make me stronger for Cozumel. o wait - Coz is flat. Well, mentally tough. After a 50 minute run I was finally done for the day (at 2:40pm!). I headed STRAIT to get a big lunch before even leaving town to drive home!!

All in all, it was a big day and I felt fortunate to have a friend along to carry me through some rough parts (even if he did trick me at the end). Thanks Joe - that day won't be forgotten any time soon!!

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